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K-12 Schools: How to Build a Culture of Data Privacy

Crumbling infrastructure. Gaps in curriculum. Antiquated devices. Lack of funding. These are just a few of the obstacles facing K–12 schools looking to integrate technology into their 21st century curriculum.  US schools are data-rich targets for cybercriminals, consistently found in the top 10 industries to be continually impacted by data breaches, phishing attacks and ransomware infections.

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Data Privacy Day 2020: Data Privacy in Higher Education

Data Privacy Reforms

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New Haven Biz talks with Michael Grande about cybersecurity

New Haven Biz, a regional publisher of business news, caught up with Michael Grande, President of TBNG, Inc. to discuss technology and cybersecurity.  In January of 2019, TBNG, Inc. became the parent company of two business units: TBNG Consulting and Vancord.

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