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The Top 3 Cybersecurity Threats Facing Higher Education

Remote learning is convenient, and for many students, ideal. Protecting a university’s networks from hackers is a critical endeavor. Cybersecurity attacks on schools are unfortunately commonplace. In 2019, school cyber attacks tripled from the previous year. The pandemic has pushed more universities to the virtual classroom in 2020. Hackers have a lot of low-hanging fruit to pick and data to exploit. Knowledge is power. Knowing the top higher education cyber attacks used on schools is the first step toward protecting your organization from cyber threats.

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5 Essential Tips For Higher Education Cyber Security Management

Start With Vulnerability Management

When it comes to mitigating higher education cyber attacks, results are generally inconsistent. Comparing general funding for an R1 university against funding for an R3 university will leave your jaw on the floor. An R1 usually has more than $40 million in grant funding spent on research per year, while an R2 has more than $5 million. These classifications are only for schools that have twenty or more doctorate students graduate per year.

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The Biggest Security Risks Affecting Higher Education Virtual Operations

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, your university or college has most likely had to shift to virtual operations. Running an institution of higher learning online has its advantages and disadvantages. It reduces “brick and mortar” costs like utilities, keeps employees and students safe, and allows classes to continue even while people are self-quarantining.

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