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The Biggest Security Risks Affecting Higher Education Virtual Operations

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, your university or college has most likely had to shift to virtual operations. Running an institution of higher learning online has its advantages and disadvantages. It reduces “brick and mortar” costs like utilities, keeps employees and students safe, and allows classes to continue even while people are self-quarantining.

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New Haven Biz talks with Michael Grande about cybersecurity

New Haven Biz, a regional publisher of business news, caught up with Michael Grande, President of TBNG, Inc. to discuss technology and cybersecurity.  In January of 2019, TBNG, Inc. became the parent company of two business units: TBNG Consulting and Vancord.

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10 Steps to Help Protect Customer Data

How concerned are your customers about protecting their data privacy? The answer: very. Safeguarding customer data is imperative to ensuring that sensitive data is never compromised and that trust with customers is not lost due to cyber fraud events. While some industries mandate security protocols, others do not. When customer data is compromised, it is the reputation of the business that will suffer.

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