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Episode Twelve: Careers in CyberSecurity

Recorded in alignment with October CyberSecurity Month. Whether you’ve obtained your skills through a college degree program, through earned certifications, or you are entirely self-taught, CyberSecurity is an outstanding career choice for people who are curious. And now is a great time to start your career path or continue your career trajectory in this highly specialized field. Tune in now to podcast hosts Jason Pufahl and Steve Maresca, along with special guest Michael Grande President of TBNG Inc., as they discuss options you may not have known existed. 

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Episode Three: Data Privacy: Do I Need to Comply?

With digital transformation creating vast amounts of data, the need for greater security and privacy arises. What are the differences between security and privacy? What laws and regulations do you need to follow, both locally and globally? What are the consequences for non-compliance? We answer all these questions, and more.

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Are You Incident Ready?

Resilience by definition is “the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties.” When it comes to cybersecurity, building your organization’s incident resiliency starts with understanding your environment and assessing potential vulnerabilities so that you are always one step ahead of imminent threats. 

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