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Episode Twelve: Careers in CyberSecurity

Recorded in alignment with October CyberSecurity Month. Whether you’ve obtained your skills through a college degree program, through earned certifications, or you are entirely self-taught, CyberSecurity is an outstanding career choice for people who are curious. And now is a great time to start your career path or continue your career trajectory in this highly specialized field. Tune in now to podcast hosts Jason Pufahl and Steve Maresca, along with special guest Michael Grande President of TBNG Inc., as they discuss options you may not have known existed. 

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Episode Ten: Basic Security Must-Haves: Personal Edition

Whether you work on a Mac or a PC, cybersecurity is a primary concern for all, especially with so many of us working remotely where company security measures may not be as effective. Listen in for some common misconceptions that might surprise you.

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Episode Nine: Basic Security Must-Haves: Business Edition

This episode was created in alignment with October Cyber Security Month. In part one of this two part series, podcasters Jason Pufahl and Steve Maresca talk candidly about security essentials for every business. Jason and Steve share a critical laundry list of elements that, based on their collective experience in Incident Response, cause about 90% of the issues that result in data compromise.

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