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The Top 3 Questions Every Higher-Ed CIO Should Be Asking

On average, universities lose $245 per capita from cybercrime. More sophisticated hacking techniques, combined with an increased number of universities moving to the virtual classroom, have led to more hacking opportunities for cybercriminals. The result? More responsibility has been placed on the shoulders of higher-ed CIOs.

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The Growing Trend of Cloud Computing: Data Protection and Disaster Recovery

For many organizations, data is the most sought-after currency. And for hackers and cybercriminals, an organization’s data is an absolute goldmine. As more universities and online schools move to the virtual classroom, data protection and disaster recovery plans are critical. In a given year, 30% of organizations lose revenue because of inadequate data protection and recovery plans. The growing trend of cloud computing in disaster recovery is one effective method for protecting your university’s crucial data. In this article, we’ll discuss the importance of offsite backup for defending against cyberattacks.

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The Top 3 Cybersecurity Threats Facing Higher Education

Remote learning is convenient, and for many students, ideal. Protecting a university’s networks from hackers is a critical endeavor. Cybersecurity attacks on schools are unfortunately commonplace. In 2019, school cyber attacks tripled from the previous year. The pandemic has pushed more universities to the virtual classroom in 2020. Hackers have a lot of low-hanging fruit to pick and data to exploit. Knowledge is power. Knowing the top higher education cyber attacks used on schools is the first step toward protecting your organization from cyber threats.

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