Ian Rogers

Senior Security Engineer

Ian-HeadshotIan Rogers is a Senior Security Engineer at Vancord with ten years of experience in Information Security in the Higher Education sector. Ian has a wide range of skills with specific expertise in Incident Response as well as Log Aggregation and Data Analysis. A SANS certified incident handler, he has led incidents involving data breaches and computer misuse leading to employee separation. Ian is exceptional in the area of forensics and can systematically determine the actions that systems have taken during a postmortem analysis. Ian also maintained a very large Splunk deployment for the University which supported Information Security requirements as well as providing analytical data to inform business decisions across all Information Technology areas. As a student, Ian is currently working on a Master’s in Chemical Engineering and has completed B.S. degrees in Chemical and Biomedical engineering. He is an active researcher, implementing machine learning processes to analyze large data sets in support systems involving biological and metabolic engineering. Outside of work Ian is a competitor in Strong Man and Power Lifting. Ian’s Instagram followers would also note his talent for fine cuisine, creating the kind of dishes found at a fine restaurant.