Incident Ready™ Service

Incident Ready™ Contract

Through this service contract, our team of security engineers will help you develop and maintain a sound cybersecurity strategy that reduces potential exposure to security incidents, mitigates and reduces recovery time if danger strikes, while helping you become more diligent and deliberate as an organization in your approach to cybersecurity. 

Vancord will perform an assessment of core infrastructure components critical for a successful recovery from a cyberattack, data breach or ransomware. This will result in an Incident Ready Assessment that prioritizes improvements necessary to reduce negative outcomes of an incident and empower a Rapid Response.  

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Vancord will manage security incident response activities on the behalf of any customers that experience a cyberattack or data breach. Our team of engineers will analyze any available data, determine the breadth of the incident or breach, and take corrective actions.

Customers that have followed our plan were able to confidently answer critical questions:

  • Is my data recoverable? 
  • What was the root cause of the attack? 
  • Was data stolen, modified, or deleted? 
  • Do I need to notify consumers? 


  • Meeting with customer to discuss assessment outcomes
  • Incident Response Readiness Report with recommendations to improve customer defenses
  • Ongoing access to Vancord Engineer (vISO services) to discuss any security concerns
  • Dark Web Monitoring with real-time reporting
  • Prioritized access to Vancord Rapid Response Team if a cyberattack occurs
  • Work with cyber-liability insurance carrier on behalf of customer to become pre-approved vendor

Vancord cybersecurity was built around the idea that good security is born out of sound operational practices and education, not out of complicated products and niche security solutions. We seek to become your trusted information security partner, working to truly understand your business, so we’re only offering customized solutions, tailored specifically to your exact needs.  

Jason Pufahl
VP, Vancord

All employees have been tremendous with providing the best service and support to our organization at all levels. All employees have been professional, courteous and honest with their service delivery. We truly appreciate the relationship we have and simply would not trust anyone else.

Sherry Robitaille

Director Quality Assurance,
Chapel Haven Schleifer Center, Inc

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Download the Details