Mike Lang

Senior Security Engineer

Mike-HeadshotMichael Lang is a Senior Security Engineer and comes to Vancord with twenty years of industry leading experience. Mike formerly championed an Information Security program at one of the top-ranked research institutions in New England. Like many of us who find ourselves in Information Security, Mike didn’t get his start in this space, but was drawn in from Network Engineering. It wouldn’t be unusual to find Mike enthusiastically pouring over packet captures in Wireshark or rifling through RFCs for network protocol specifications. If you’re looking to be proactive with your security posture, his talents in networking make him ideal for firewall or network segmentation engagements, bolstering your defenses around critical infrastructure. If you’re looking for assistance with an incident, Mike is a GIAC certified Incident Handler and Forensic Analyst that has led countless investigations. In addition to being an accomplished Security Engineer, Mike is award-winning home brewer and virtual reality enthusiast. Ask him about the latest graphics card he’s running, or maybe who has the best IPA in town.