Data privacy is a growing concern both domestically and internationally. Businesses are faced with having to comply with myriad regulations like the HIPAA privacy rule, General Data Privacy Act (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). Compliance starts with understanding, and a Privacy Impact Assessment is the tool that will enable you to understand how personally identifiable information (PII) is collected, used and shared. With this insight, you can make the necessary changes to protect the data in accordance with the relevant privacy laws.

An Evolving Threat Landscape:
Meet Hackers Head-on

A privacy impact assessment examines any data processing occurring in support of the customer business. Data flow, storage, and manipulation is evaluated to identify any compliance gaps under applicable federal and global regulations.

Our privacy consultant will review your policies, data management and data flows and will evaluate them against current privacy laws and industry requirements. Any gaps identified can be remedied, so your organization is protected and compliant.


  • Identification of the privacy laws applicable to your organization
  • Gap analysis between the laws and your data operations
  • Evaluation of risk associated with each compliance gap
  • Recommended remediation measures and prioritization
  • Inventory of your personal data assets

Privacy Impact Assessment Benefits

  • A clear, up-to-date view of your organization’s privacy risk
  • A roadmap on how to meet compliance requirements for data privacy
  • Affordable, direct access to privacy experts knowledgeable in a range of data privacy laws and regulations

What Our Clients Are Saying

CIO - Wesleyan University

Dave Baird

“Vancord understands the unique aspects of a higher-education institution, which made them a perfect partner for us.”

CISO – Wesleyan University & Trinity College

Joe Bazeley

“Vancord helped us uncover vulnerabilities in our system, protecting us from a breach that could have been very damaging to our institution.”

President - Curry College

Ken Quigley

“Vancord exhibited outstanding professionalism and commitment throughout the project, keeping us secure during this crucial time for connectivity.”

CIO - CPCS Public Counselors of Massachusetts

Daniel Saroff

“You want Vancord in the fox hole with you if you ever have a breach or other security incident. Vancord’s support and availability throughout the entire response were phenomenal and its follow-up activities to ensure we were incident resilient going forward allows me to sleep well at night.”