Russell Jancewicz

Senior Security Engineer

Russ-HeadshotRussell Jancewicz is a Senior Security Engineer at Vancord. He is an esteemed researcher, developer, and programming academic at his core. Russell holds a Master's Degree in Computer Science & Engineering from the University of Connecticut. During his studies, Russell’s research shined a light on digital voting system weaknesses that are discussed to this day. In addition to his experience building a virtualization security startup, he tackled a large identity management task by bringing the University of Connecticut into the modern era by reducing their reliance on mainframe technologies. Russell’s drive to move the needle forward made Vancord’s choice to manage our research and development an easy one. In this position, he is charged with making Vancord’s technologies, products, and workflows as great as they can be. A founding member of Vancord, an avid wood worker, and a connoisseur of fine code, we are proud to have Russell at the helm of the icebreaker leading us into uncharted waters.