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Are you prepared to recover from a cyber-attack or data breach?

Vancord’s Incident ReadySM Assessment helps your organization stay confident and secure. Most cyber attacks occur due to gaps in an organization’s security preparedness or lapses in foundational defenses, and Vancord believes that taking action against these gaps is the most effective way to prepare for and prevent incidents.

In addition to identifying the necessary improvements to reduce the negative impacts of potential cyber-attacks, the Incident ReadySM Assessment provides guidance and oversight to help you prioritize those improvements. We provide scalable solutions now so you don’t have to worry about business disruptions, data loss, legal action, or financial impacts in the future.

First Steps

The first step to improving an organization’s security is gaining a true understanding of the existing security program; more specifically by examining its cybersecurity maturity level and risk exposure.

Delivery & Recommendations

Designed to proactively assess a security program, Vancord’s Incident Ready AssessmentSM provides remediation recommendations, and ultimately enables a rapid response when unexpected cybersecurity incidents occur.

Key Benefits of our Incident ReadySM Assessment

Program Maturity

The assessment process starts by taking a look at your program maturity. Our security consultants conduct a thorough interview with your IT leadership and key technical experts to determine the most critical aspects of your current policies and procedures. Based on these insights, we make concrete recommendations for improvement.

Dark Web Scanning

Our team collects and reviews dark web data following our interview with your technology leadership team to help identify potentially sensitive information that has leaked from your organization.

Vulnerability Scan

Vancord provides a comprehensive scan of your IT infrastructure to identify software vulnerabilities and security settings that may need updating. We then present a report outlining the misconfigurations and overlooked security settings in the IT infrastructures. Working together, we help you prioritize next steps to make necessary improvements.

Featured Services

We go above and beyond defending your information. Our team of engineers and security experts are here to help you implement security from the ground up within your infrastructure and are prepared to respond in the event of a cybersecurity attack.