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Security First Services

Managed IT

We specialize in managed services and our dedicated support technicians work tirelessly to monitor and respond to critical network incidents.

Operational Advantage

The Vantage Protect Difference​

Vantage Protect manages, defends, and responds to our customer’s existing and future infrastructure across all platforms. Designed as a suite of services hosted out of the Azure Cloud ecosystem, Vantage Protect provides a set of security capabilities that seamlessly integrate into the dominant technology stack our clients utilize.

Always ON Security

Custom Security Designed into EVERY Support Package

Always on, our clients’ systems are continuously monitored by Vancord’s internal Security Operations Center, detecting and preventing cyber attacks before they occur. In addition to ITIL service management, OS and critical security updates, and other necessary support services.

On-Prem & Multi-Cloud

Gain remote visibility of security weaknesses no matter where your infrastructure may live.

Vulnerability Management

Scan enrolled endpoints daily for vulnerabilities to stay ahead of attackers.

Continuous Patch Management

Identify the installed, available, and missed patches across multiple operating systems.

Endpoint Protection​

Meet and exceed cybersecurity insurance requirements with leading detection and response solutions to protect enrolled endpoints from malware attacks.

Compliance & Baselining

Audit for regulatory evidence when you need it, as well as baselines when you simply want to improve configurations to be more secure.

Enhanced Reporting

Monitor reports in real-time with Vantage Protect and engage teams in a monthly reviews to align technology and operations.

SUPPORT AVAILABLE FOR Windows | macOS | Linux | + more

Our 5 Step Onboarding

We ensure that our managed IT services are customized to each client with a dedicated project team during our industry-leading onboarding process. Our teaming model ensures rapid response and frequent 1:1 communication with technical teams.


We start our onboarding process by holding a kickoff call to explore partnership communication as well as what to expect regarding proactive maintenance and support. Our main goal is to ensure we become an efficient and knowledgeable extension of your IT team.


Our engineers take the time to understand how your IT assets, systems, and applications interact to provide your business with the technological power required to survive and thrive. We document your entire IT environment in our document management system and set up a living document showing a visual representation of your IT infrastructure.


An engineer then reviews your IT systems with a keen eye toward security, noting everything from the operating system, version, patch level, and configuration to switching IOS versions and running applications. Security best practices are implemented, including deactivating outdated versions of software, deleting old versions of ciphers, patching network equipment — all carefully coordinated and managed with our customer’s team.


Following this initial security sweep, our Cybersecurity team performs a vulnerability scan. Our security engineers use the best of breed and customized scanning solutions to uncover, document, and mitigate security flaws and potential risks. The cybersecurity step of our onboarding process lowers risk and increases the overall security baseline.

Discovery Report

Upon completion of the onboarding process, a customer meeting is held to share the key deliverables generated during the process. A customer runbook and network diagram are just a few of the benefits our customers receive upon signing up for managed services.


Work with a Partner You Can Trust

Our goal is to provide an exceptional experience to each and every client. We learn your business and protect it as if it were our own. Our decades of experience combined with our expert team of engineers and security professionals provide you with guidance, oversight, and peace of mind that your systems are safe and secure.

Our Unique Approach

Most managed service providers (MSPs) use off-the-shelf systems for a prescribed stack of solutions. Vancord’s team works to customize and develop tools that work with your existing technology investments.

Vancord scales cyber security services for businesses of all sizes and configuration without sacrificing quality. We leverage remote monitoring and management, coupled with an end-to-end workflow management system, to deliver a full lifecycle of services to each of our distinct and diverse clients.

Featured Services

Building and maintaining a sound infrastructure is just the beginning. Our team of engineers and security experts are here to help you defend your more valuable information and respond in the event of a cybersecurity attack.