Steve Maresca

Senior Security Engineer

Steve-Headshot-1Steven Maresca is a Senior Security Engineer at Vancord. Steve exhibits ten years of experience in information security focused in higher education and corporate institutions. He is uniquely qualified as a jack-of-all trades in both his personal and professional lives. Steve possesses the ability to clearly communicate with anyone regardless of their technical acumen. As a result, he ensures that the content developed by Vancord is immediately actionable by both an IT professional who will implement changes and executives seeking the right solution for their organization. Steve has led numerous teams though the intricacies of incident response. He is uniquely able to strike a balance between technical, interpersonal, and organizational concerns which may arise in order to ensure that optimal outcomes are achieved as quickly and efficiently as possible. Prior to co-founding Vancord, Steve founded Zentific LLC, a company responsible for designing novel tools for monitoring and protecting network security systems. He also ran the identity management department for a major university, servicing hundreds of thousands of users. Steve specializes in forensics, incident response, vulnerability assessment, secure software development, identity management, and PCI compliance.

In his personal time, there is no guessing what project Steve may be working on any given day. He is an outdoor enthusiast, tending to his garden, bees, and chickens. Steve also enjoys busting his knuckles while tinkering with old engines. If the weather is right, you may even find him reading on a beach. Steve is a unique individual with a wide array of strengths, without which, Vancord would not be on the path we are today.