The Vancord virtual Information Security Office (vISO) service delivers advice and analysis when you need it.  We share the collective knowledge of our security experts and provide guidance to the leadership and technical staff of an organization. 

The vISO is tailored for each customer to meet your unique requirements.  Our team will help you develop strategy and execute improvements to bring security into alignment with your business objectives.  We provide strategic guidance, technical advice and implementation guidance, policy development, and overall information security consulting so you can implement compliance standards and security programs to meet industry requirements. We internalize your business requirements and keep your security needs in mind so that you don’t have to.

Get Direct Access to an Entire Virtual Information Security Office

Compliance requirements have become more stringent and complex across a range of industries. For many small and mid-sized companies, having an Information Security Officer or any security staff isn’t feasible. That’s where we come in.

Vancord will assign a dedicated individual to serve as the primary resource for your business, acting as a regular point of contact who will be responsible for providing security leadership, program development, and guidance. The vISO service structure ensures that an organization has access to an entire team of Vancord professionals who your liaison can engage as needed.

If you run an operation legally mandated to employ dedicated staff to oversee information security, or wish to make proactive improvements to better protect your business, contact us today.

What Our vISO Services Provide

No matter what you need to run your business — whether it's establishing policies, meeting compliance requirements, or improving technical controls — we’ve got you covered.

The vISO service is designed to be flexible. The deliverables can evolve and change over time as an organization identifies areas of focus. Vancord is most commonly asked to provide assistance with:

  • Developing an information security program
  • Creating or reviewing policy
  • Incident response planning and policy development
  • Coordinating security projects
  • Risk identification
  • Contracts review
  • Third-party security questionnaire reviews

Typical Deliverables

  • A Security Roadmap developed and reviewed with CIO/IT Lead
  • Reporting to CIO/IT Lead with KPIs set against the Security Roadmap
  • Briefings about critical security vulnerabilities
  • Impact analyses regarding potential threats
  • Staff training and education


  • Direct access to security leadership and compliance expertise
  • Defined security plans and documentation
  • A streamlined way to implement improvements within a limited budget
  • A staff that’s knowledgeable and up-to-date on the latest security standards

What Our Clients Are Saying

Daniel Saroff
CPCS Public Counselors of Massachusetts

"You want Vancord in the fox hole with you if you ever have a breach or other security incident. Vancord’s support and availability throughout the entire response were phenomenal and its follow-up activities to ensure we were incident resilient going forward allows me to sleep well at night."

Dave Baird
CIO - Wesleyan University

"Vancord understands the unique aspects of a higher-education institution, which made them a perfect partner for us."

Joe Bazeley
CISO – Wesleyan University & Trinity College

"Vancord helped us uncover vulnerabilities in our system, protecting us from a breach that could have been very damaging to our institution."

Ken Quigley
President - Curry College

"Vancord exhibited outstanding professionalism and commitment throughout the project, keeping us secure during this crucial time for connectivity."