Reacting is no way to approach your organization’s cybersecurity. At Vancord, we believe taking a proactive approach is how you stay two, three, and four steps ahead of cybercrime.

Our Vulnerability Assessments are designed to pinpoint weaknesses in your cybersecurity infrastructure and identify compliance gaps. With our Vulnerability Assessments, you’re taking a proactive approach to your network security.

Thirty thousand websites are hacked every day. But you don't have to become a statistic. Be incident ready with Vancord Vulnerability Assessments.

How Vulnerability Assessments Keep Your Network Secure and Compliant

Where does good security come from? It’s not from complicated niche products. Compliant networks and strong cybersecurity are born from sound operational practices and knowledge of infrastructure vulnerabilities and their solutions.

Our Vulnerability Assessment service includes:

  • Proactively identifying gaps in IT infrastructure
  • Assessing remote access methods
  • Evaluating overall adherence to industry standards and best practices
  • Assessing authorization levels for access to network and systems
  • Analyzing perimeter and internal defenses, and system configurations

The ultimate goal

Vulnerability Assessments make your organization Incident Ready (™) by identifying current gaps and weaknesses in the infrastructure. We will deliver to you a final narrative report that will highlight the risks identified and deliver recommendations for a practical, common-sense approach to remediating critical vulnerabilities.


Prioritizing your budget

We work with a range of industries and organizations of all sizes. Many do not have an unlimited budget to spend on cybersecurity measures. What makes us different is we offer a custom approach to your cybersecurity needs.

When we identify gaps in your IT infrastructure with our Vulnerability Assessments, we categorize risks and offer remediation prioritization. Our goal is to make your enterprise a less attractive target for cybercriminals, and we can help you shore up your defenses within budget.

Examples of What we can uncover during a Vulnerability Assessment:

  • Disaster recovery gaps
  • Remote access security controls
  • Hardware and software support levels
  • Identity management and password policies
  • Event logging and monitoring
  • Systems patch status
  • Firewall security improvements
  • Out of date firmware patch levels for routers, switches and printers

What happens if the Vulnerability Assessment finds problems?

Ignorance isn’t bliss. Knowing where a network is weak or non-compliant is a good thing. It gives you the opportunity to strengthen your defenses and keep cyber crime at bay.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Daniel Saroff
CPCS Public Counselors of Massachusetts

"You want Vancord in the fox hole with you if you ever have a breach or other security incident. Vancord’s support and availability throughout the entire response were phenomenal and its follow-up activities to ensure we were incident resilient going forward allows me to sleep well at night."

Dave Baird
CIO - Wesleyan University

"Vancord understands the unique aspects of a higher-education institution, which made them a perfect partner for us."

Joe Bazeley
CISO – Wesleyan University & Trinity College

"Vancord helped us uncover vulnerabilities in our system, protecting us from a breach that could have been very damaging to our institution."

Ken Quigley
President - Curry College

"Vancord exhibited outstanding professionalism and commitment throughout the project, keeping us secure during this crucial time for connectivity."