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Company Merger Announcement

TBNG Consulting and Vancord are now unified as Vancord.


Milford, CT: TBNG, Inc. today announced the merger of its two companies, TBNG Consulting, a managed IT services provider,  and Vancord, a cybersecurity company under the name Vancord. With 15+ years of experience in providing secure IT solutions, the two organizations recognized the benefit of integrating the collective expertise of both their teams and organizational leadership. Through deep industry expertise and a fundamental understanding of building dynamic and secure technology infrastructure, the companies recognize that a more refined and security-focused service offering would provide maximum benefit to clients. Vancord’s comprehensive approach is to build and manage networks, defend critical information, and provide rapid response in the face of cyberattacks.

The merger also signifies the company’s dedication to attracting and providing opportunities to top talent across the industry, hiring best-in-class security engineers and professionals to protect and support clients. 

Along with the merger comes the launch of a refined brand identity, aimed to celebrate and reinforce the vision and values of Vancord as the company steps into its next chapter. 

“Since Jeffrey Grande and Michael Paone founded the company in 2005, we’ve prided ourselves on delivering innovative IT and security solutions, an exceptional client experience and the continuous development of our world-class talent. This unification enables us to move forward with a unique emphasis on protecting and supporting our clients’ futures,” says Vancord President and CEO, Michael Grande.

“Bringing together these two divisions under the Vancord name is an opportunity for us to celebrate our past, honor today and look towards tomorrow with a fresh vision for what this company can be, ” says Jason Pufahl, VP of Security Services.

Through this merger, Vancord achieves the following:

  • Greater capacity to work with our clients proactively or during a security incident
  • Engage as a single vendor to provide best in class security and infrastructure support
  • Expanded suite of services that prioritize security and enhance performance
  • Commitment to fostering a culture of innovation to design IT and cybersecurity solutions for tomorrow

Headquartered in Milford, Connecticut, Vancord serves businesses across CT, MA, NY and RI, including regional, national, and internationally recognized brands. Learn more about the new Vancord at and follow the company on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram.

About Vancord

Vancord empowers organizations to build and protect their future. We are an information and security technology company that supports your infrastructure and data security needs – for today and tomorrow. We leverage our expertise and creativity to envision flexible, scalable solutions that create efficiencies and propel the growth of your business. 

Vancord puts your best interests first. Our proactive approach prioritizes the security of your systems to provide peace of mind that your organization is safe and operating at its best. We are global defenders in a world where good wins.

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