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Webinar: Selecting the Right MDR Provider for Your Security Challenges

Cyber threats are continuing to evolve in sophistication, and organizations are trying to balance what an acceptable cost is to alleviate their risks. The Binary Defense and Vancord teams are joining together for a webinar on how to bolster your security posture with modern solutions to counteract cyber threats from today’s threat actors.

One effective way to improve your security posture is by implementing a Managed Detection and Response (MDR) technology. However, with so many MDR providers in the market, it can be challenging to choose the right one that meets your specific security challenges.

This webinar aims to help organizations navigate the MDR provider selection process by discussing some key factors; in this discussion, our speakers will explore:

  • Understanding the MDR landscape: Demystifying XDR and what is an “Open-XDR” approach
  • Identifying your organization’s security challenges: Where should your security focus be?
  • Evaluating Vendors: Acceptable costs versus acceptable risk
  • Making the Final Decision: How to maintain your network security

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Derek Bateman
Channel Solutions Engineer, Binary Defense
Derek Bateman is a Channel Solutions Engineer at Binary Defense with a proven track record of success in the network security industry and has a background in training. He specializes in security operations centers, security intelligence, operational planning, and incident response.

His expertise covers a wide range of security products, including managed detection and response (MDR), incident response (IR), and more. Derek comes to Binary Defense Team with 13 years of IT experience, including his U.S. Army Intelligence Certification and the AZ-900 Microsoft Certified Azure Fundamentals Certification.

Jason Pufahl
VP Security Services
Jason Pufahl is the Vice President of Security Services at Vancord. Jason has 20 years of infrastructure and information security experience and has spent the last 15 years dedicated to information security and privacy.

He earned a Master’s Degree in Education Technology from the University of Connecticut, holds numerous industry certifications and frequently speaks on topics related to information security technology and awareness. Jason’s philosophy for developing institutional information security programs emphasizes the implementation of security fundamentals and sound operational practices over complexity. Most recently, he worked as the Chief Information Security Officer and Director of Infrastructure for the University of Connecticut and was responsible for all aspects of information security encompassing risk management, disaster recovery, identity management, security policy, regulatory compliance, security analytics, security awareness training, and technical controls implementation.

Jason sat on the Board of Directors at NERCOMP (NorthEast Regional Computing Program) and was a founder of CHERIS (Connecticut Higher Education Information Security). Jason’s dynamic leadership style has garnered the respect of his co-workers and colleagues alike. His comprehensive knowledge in the security space is unparalleled. Jason is a highly effective and charismatic speaker; he has been invited to speak at many conferences and is a go-to consultant for IT security matters. In his spare time, Jason likes to stay quite active. He appreciates spending time with his kids, mountain biking, playing volleyball, hiking, camping, and is an avid skier.

Matt Fusaro
Manager of Security Services
Matthew Fusaro is the Manager of Security Operations at Vancord. His ability to couple pure security expertise with comprehensive infrastructure engineering has been a key component to the growth and success of Vancord.

Matthew holds a B.S. in Computer Science & Engineering from the University of Connecticut where he led the local chapter of the Association for Computing Machinery.

As one of the first four employees at TBNG Inc., he was responsible for network security, virtualization, and network infrastructure for customers. Before shifting his focus to security services, Matthew managed the internal IT operations of the company.

An expert in systems design and integration, Matthew has been responsible for the success of infrastructure deployments in many companies and brings this multifaceted perspective to Vancord.

He is a specialist in a multitude of disciplines woven together with a discerning eye for security and business enablement. Among other capabilities, he is a systems programmer, OS forensics expert, and log aggregation evangelist. He currently spearheads design and implementation of security solutions and is an integral member of any Incident Response engagement. He has a knack for proactively identifying issues and deftly providing guidance and analysis with customer needs foremost in mind.

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