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Vancord is an information security company that specializes in offering incident resilience and response services to organizations that value and prioritize the security of their systems and data.
Our incident resilience approach offers proper planning and preparation before an attack takes place, and we implement systems and best-practices that make your organization a less attractive target for hackers and data thieves.

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Founded by leading-edge security experts, Vancord specializes in incident resilience & response. Our proactive approach protects your network & client data to ensure business continuity and confidence.

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Featured Services

Incident Ready Assessment
Ensure you’re prepared for a successful recovery after a cyberattack or data breach.
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CMMC Compliance
Find the gaps in your cybersecurity networks, eliminate weaknesses, and become CMMC certified
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Incident Response
We provide rapid and immediate response when a cybersecurity attack occurs.
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Case Study - Restoring Systems When it Matters Most

Client: The Committee for Public Counsel Services
Vancord team helps social justice organization restore systems, security, and enhance preventative measures in wake of cybersecurity breach
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News & Events
GNHCC Panel Discussion on New Laws
Vancord’s VP of Information Security Services, Jason Pufahl joined the Greater New Haven Chamber of Commerce in a panel discussion for area businesses about Connecticut’s new cybersecurity laws that went into effect on 10/1/21. The law, HB 6607/Public Act 21-119 Incentivizing the Adoption of Cybersecurity Stands for Business. Jason discussed risk management for companies during what he referred to as a “ransomware cybersecurity epidemic” particularly in a time when so many businesses have remote workers.
October 1, 2021
Software Engineering Daily
Vancord’s Jason Pufahl, VP of Information Security Services, and Russell Jancewicz, Senior Security Engineer, joined Software Engineering Daily Podcast host Jeff Meyerson on 10/1/21. The conversation focused on the many cybersecurity threats that businesses face, basic security fundamentals and best practices, and the importance of making good decisions that actually reduce risk in a meaningful way.
October 1, 2021
American Express interviews Jason Pufahl about cybersecurity
10 Steps to Help Protect Customer Data
Read our conversation with American Express about cybersecurity protocols.
December 2, 2019