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Rapid Incident Response When You Need it Most

Our incident response service enables you to respond and recover quickly in the event of a cyber attack. Our incident response service manages all security incident response activities and analyzes the core infrastructure components to ensure teams can recover from a cyberattack or data breach.

Contain and Eradicate Threat Actors to Secure All Vital Company Assets

Vancord’s rapid response team will protect and secure all vital data assets while minimizing any company impact. We provide:

  • Incident containment and service restoration
  • Incident reports including timeline and root-cause analysis
  • Actionable recommendations to improve customer defenses
  • Guidance for interactions with customers, employees, credit agencies and law enforcement

Faster Response Times, Better Outcomes

Organizations can lose thousands or even millions of dollars to unforeseen data breaches. Hackers can siphon off sensitive data, expand their foothold in your network, and potentially hold systems hostage.

Vancord’s incident response service leverages tools, software and the experience of our team to respond to threats and mitigate security breaches. Our expert security engineers have a thorough understanding of current and evolving threats. We combine our investigative prowess and remediation knowledge, to effectively manage any cybersecurity crisis through our five step process.

Investigation: Determine the scope, timeline, and impact of the attack
Containment: Prioritize the response and plan removal
Eradication: Guidance to take the necessary steps to remove the threat
Recovery: Advise and assist your return to normal business operations
After-Action Review: Review and address the cause and impact to recommend security improvements.

Stopping Hackers in Their Tracks

It doesn’t matter whether an organization has only ten endpoints or 100,000, Vancord’s expert cybersecurity engineers have proven to respond quickly and ensure the best possible outcome.

Here is what you can expect from us:

  • Immediate IT staff augmentation with skilled forensic experts
  • Proven experience and expert response to security incidents
  • A trusted partner for security assessment and mitigation
  • Breach coaches ensure the ability to meet compliance requirements
  • Protection of brand reputation and organizational data
  • Assistance coordinating customer communication and recovery efforts
  • Security guidance to help avoid similar incidents in the future
  • Detailed documentation

Navigating Cyber Crisis

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Stay ahead of attackers and cybersecurity threats. Our team of engineers and security experts are here to help you implement security from the ground up within your infrastructure and are prepared to respond in the event of a cybersecurity attack.

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