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Virtual Information Security Office (vISO)

We internalize your business requirements and keep your security needs in mind so that you don’t have to.

Tailored vISO Services for Robust Information Security and Compliance Alignment

The vISO is tailored to meet your unique requirements.  Our team will help you develop strategy and execute improvements to bring security into alignment with your business objectives.  We provide strategic guidance, technical advice and implementation guidance, policy development, and overall information security consulting so you can implement compliance standards and security programs to meet industry requirements. Benefits include:

  • Direct access to security leadership and compliance expertise
  • Defined security plans and documentation
  • A streamlined way to implement improvements within a limited budget
  • A staff that is knowledgeable and up-to-date on the latest security standards

Vancord will assign a dedicated individual to serve as the primary resource for your business, acting as a regular point of contact that is responsible for providing security leadership, program development, and guidance. The vISO service structure ensures an organization has access to an entire team of Vancord professionals who your liaison can engage as needed. The vISO service is designed to be flexible and grows with your business and may include:

  • Developing an information security program
  • Creating or reviewing policy
  • Incident response planning and policy development
  • Coordinating security projects
  • Risk identification
  • Contracts review
  • Third-party security questionnaire reviews

Strategic Security Advisors

Featured Defense Services

We go above and beyond defending your information. Our team of engineers and security experts are here to help you implement security from the ground up within your infrastructure and are prepared to respond in the event of a cybersecurity attack.