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Rapid Containment & Restoration Services

During a malicious event, such as ransomware, a quick and effective response can be the difference between it being a blip on the radar or a business-ending event.

As part of our containment and restoration services, Vancord provides your team with the knowledge, tools, strategies, and support needed to prevent damage from destructive attacks such as ransomware.

Incident Containment and Crisis Management with a Concierge Approach

Security incidents impacting your business require immediate assistance. Through our incident containment and response services, we stop active attacks quickly.

Our dedicated response team of IT network and infrastructure security experts is available 24/7 to spring into action. Our cybersecurity engineers will work closely with your IT staff to contain an attack, preserve and analyze evidence, and restore business operations quickly. We restore the entire network infrastructure while prioritizing your business’s essential systems. We guide you from start to finish, quickly learning your IT systems and becoming a part of them as if we were in-house IT personnel.

Vancord is your trusted partner for crisis management, helping you:

  • Keep business operations moving
  • Maintain positive relationships and brand reputation
  • Restore and protect sensitive data
  • Safeguard revenue, financial health and share price
  • Navigate risk litigation against the company

Ransomware Ready Assessment

As your security partner, we provide prevention and readiness services to deter hackers and ensure you’re prepared to respond in the unfortunate event of a cybersecurity breach. If an attack occurs, we arrive armed with familiarity acquired in advance from an Incident ReadySM Assessment. We then hunt and repel attackers at the same time as we help to craft crisis communications.

To ensure that claims are paid, we collaborate with your cyber liability insurer. Our team helps you link technical findings to business impact, facilitates discussions with legal counsel, and guides essential teams through notification of breach to credit monitoring agencies.

Featured Response Services

Stay ahead of attackers and cybersecurity threats. Our team of engineers and security experts are here to help you implement security from the ground up within your infrastructure and are prepared to respond in the event of a cybersecurity attack.