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Reimbursement Funding

E-Rate Program for Schools and Libraries

A fast, reliable network is necessary to support research, learning and communication.  Maintaining and upgrading network equipment, both wired and wireless, is crucial for students, faculty, administration and the community. 

IT Infrastructure &
Support with E-Rate

Vancord can answer any questions about equipment specifications. Contact your E-Rate consultant for advice regarding the application and reimbursement process.

Category One: Broadband internet connectivity used to connect schools and libraries across the US to worldwide information available online.

Category Two: Equipment and services used to bring broadband into a physical location (cables, routers, switches and modems, and software/licensing) and the repair and upkeep (time and materials) of those physical devices. This type of funding includes multi-year maintenance contracts.

About the E-Rate Program

What is E-Rate?
E-Rate is a federal reimbursement program managed by the USAC to distribute monies collected from voice and data carriers through the Universal Service Fund (USF). 

How can schools apply?
Contact your E-Rate consultant for help with completing forms and getting reimbursed for services.

  • Application bid process runs from mid December – March
  • Bids are reviewed from April – June
  • Services are delivered by providers July 1 – June 30 

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