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HaaS Technology and World-Class Support, Simplified

Equip your organization with leading-edge technology & world-class support by outsourcing your technology infrastructure with Vancord HaaS solutions. Our Hardware as a Service subscription delivers you a state-of-the-art IT ecosystem for a simple monthly fee rather than a large capital investment.

Our HaaS Solution

HaaS provides the ability to pay for infrastructure and support as part of a subscription. This means your business can dynamically expand security, backup, wireless, and other technologies to ensure the latest improvements and efficiencies without the cost of purchase. Haas makes migrating to the latest technology effortless and when combined with our managed IT services and support, offers all your hardware, software, subscriptions, and support in one convenient monthly package.

Advantages of HaaS

Our HaaS package allows you to control IT costs while providing your team and business with the latest and greatest technology.
Reduce Capital Expenditures

HaaS requires no exorbitant initial investment. Our low upfront costs typically consist of just a two-month (first & last) payment to get started and gives you tighter control over your tech budget.

Flexible Solutions

HaaS grows with your business. Vancord keeps you up to date with access to enhanced hardware, cloud servers, network equipment, & support at enterprise scale.

Increase Security

HaaS allows you to include cutting-edge security improvements to your technology platform, seamlessly integrating with your current infrastructure.

Fully Managed Systems

HaaS is a fully managed service with Vancord offering equipment, monitoring, maintenance, & technical support, including cloud computing.

Complete Maintenance & Support

HaaS includes expert Vancord technical support. If any component of your HaaS is not functioning correctly, our remote monitoring & management systems will notify our dedicated support team immediately to solve the problem.

Cutting-edge technology

HaaS allows you to retain a robust competitive edge by keeping you routinely updated with the latest technologies. Vancord delivers the most current, leading-edge equipment and cloud services without the expensive upgrade costs.

Featured Services

Building and maintaining a sound infrastructure is just the beginning. Our team of engineers and security experts are here to help you defend your more valuable information and respond in the event of a cybersecurity attack.