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cybersound ep48

Tangible and Intangible Enterprise Risk

Reducing physical security risk requires great flexibility in meeting the specified needs of clients. This understanding allows experts to analyze the severity of a situation and mitigate it appropriately.
CyberSound ep47

The Hacker Personas

The modern-day internet hacker holds a strong illusion to the public eye. These are not random, lone actors— they are usually serious, organized attackers with a profit-based motive. These motives are important to understand for instilling the right cybersecurity defense mechanisms in your organization.
CyberSound ep46

Revisiting Cybersecurity Fundamentals

Are you a beginner in IT looking for simple steps to be proactive about cybersecurity? Or want a refresher on the basics of preventative maintenance online?
CyberSound ep45

The Latest: June 2022 News Segment

Open-source software (OSS) allows web developers to study, modify, and customize software to fit their needs. Historically, many organizations have felt a lack of security in these projects; however, major tech giants like Microsoft and Amazon are making significant investments today.
CyberSound ep 44

Identity Crisis: The Give and Takes of Identity-Based Authentication

With the rise of remote work and the option to work from anywhere, employees can access company data more easily than before, making identity and access management a critical security issue for businesses to consider.
CyberSound ep43

What Would You Do? The Value of Acting Out an Attack

We all know that practice makes perfect, and the same holds true when it comes to incident response in the case of a cybersecurity attack.
CyberSound ep 42

Growing Up Online: How Do I Talk to My Child About Cybersecurity?

Today’s kids are inevitably growing up online in the age of virtual learning, iPads, and the internet at our fingertips, and parents need to stay vigilant.
CyberSound episode 41

Vancord: Securing a More Connected Future

If you haven’t heard the news, Vancord and TBNG are now unified as Vancord—and together, we’re securing a more connected future.
CyberSound Episode 40

The Latest: May 2022 News Segment

This week on CyberSound, Jason, Steve, and Matt give you the latest cybersecurity news, including Elon Musk’s recent purchase of Twitter. With this acquisition comes much speculation on the impending ripple effects.

Company Merger Announcement

TBNG Consulting and Vancord are now unified as Vancord.

The First 48 Hours: How to Know You’ve Been Attacked

When a cyber attack occurs, organizations typically react with panic and confusion about what to do next. Cyber attacks can severely damage a data system, but businesses can be proactive to, not only try to prevent an attack, but know how to immediately respond to a cyber attack.
CMC Energy

CMC Energy

CMC Energy requested Vancord to look over their entire infrastructure to determine risks, unfortified areas of data, and evaluate their current resources to safeguard hacker tools like spear phishing, denial of service (DDoS), viruses, and specifically, ransomware.
CyberSound episode 38

April News Segment

Recently, Google announced their 5.2 billion dollar acquisition of the cyber security firm Mandiant. Also, SISA made news by imposing stricter cyber security requirements that could affect several major industries nationwide.
CyberSound episode 37

The Ins and Outs of Cyber Warfare

As the war continues in Eastern Europe, questions regarding the idea and possibility of cyber warfare have risen to the surface. What is cyber warfare? Or what role will cyberattacks play in the future of how countries approach defending their nation?

What Does Network Segmentation Really Mean?

Network segmentation is a common practice organizations use daily to isolate and track traffic on their computer network. However, network segmentation is often taken for granted in cybersecurity discussions, or some people haven’t explored why it’s important.
CyberSound Episode 35

Secure Access Service Edge

The evolution of cybersecurity correlates to both the security demands of organizations and technological changes in the world. In recent years, the growth of cloud based software and a growing remote workforce, has increased the need for solutions like what Gartner has coined Secure Access Service Edge, or SASE.
CyberSound Episode 34

I’m Understaffed – What Do I Do Now?

Cybersecurity is not a luxury service, only for large companies with big budgets. Regardless of the size of a company, security services have become vital to determine the health of an organization’s infrastructure. However, many people still undervalue or don’t understand how to utilize security strategic services.
CyberSound Episode 33

The Mainframe

Today, cyberattacks happen more frequently and with greater sophistication than ever before. Organizations around the world search for the right tools, policies, and procedures to avoid the consequences of system vulnerabilities and malware.

Cyber Liability Insurance is Not Cybersecurity.

As more companies shift to web-based services to grow and adapt to our ever-changing world, being proactive about cybersecurity risk and liability is more important than ever. With this shift, a relatively new type of coverage—cyber liability insurance–has been on the rise. 
CyberSound Episode 32

Incident Response and Event Automation

This is a special episode of Cybersound featuring the Founder of security IaaS LimaCharlie, Maxime Lamothe-Brassard. He is a proven computer scientist and information security specialist, formerly with CrowdStrike and Google X’s Chronicle Security.

Cyber Liability Insurance Has Gotten Stricter. Here’s What You Need to Know.

Benjamin Franklin once said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” While we know he wasn’t referring to cybersecurity and protecting one’s business against malware, ransomware, and data breaches nearly 300 years ago, he very well could have been.
CyberSound Episode 31

Risk Assessments for Small Business

Is your business prepared for an emergency, a crisis, or even a pandemic? How would you know? Risk assessments are essential to do annually, at the very least.
CyberSound episode 30

Rise Of The Mobile Scam

CyberSound episode 29

Dark Web 101