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FELO Speaker Series – Exploring Craft Beer and Empowering Manufacturing

Last month, Vancord was proud to sponsor the Fairfield Chamber of Commerce’s CEO Speaker Series event hosted by the FELO Fairfield Professionals at Athletic Brewing Co. Moderated by our very own Lucas Seelig, the event showcased important conversations regarding the tremendous growth and positive impact on the manufacturing industry in Connecticut.


FELO Speaker Series

By: CT Businesses

Jun 21, 2023

Shared with permission from CT Businesses

Securing the Future of Cybersecurity

FELO, Fairfield Emerging Leaders Organization, was delighted to present an engaging speaker series event that explored the realms of craft beer and manufacturing. As a professional group within the Fairfield Chamber of Commerce, FELO provides unique networking events, educational opportunities, and social and philanthropic activities for like-minded professionals to connect and enhance their skills. Participants were invited to join on June 14th from 5-8 PM at 75 Cascade Boulevard in Milford, CT, as esteemed speakers came together to share their insights and experiences.

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Athletic Brewing: Crafted Excellence in Non-Alcoholic Craft Beer:

Athletic Brewing Company, the pioneer in non-alcoholic (NA) craft beer, shared an inspiring story. Founders Bill and John had started their journey in Stratford, CT, where they tirelessly test-brewed over 100 batches on homebrew equipment to perfect their process and refine their flavors. Their dedication and passion had led to the establishment of an entire brewery in Milford, CT, which has been recognized as the world’s largest dedicated NA brewery. Athletic Brewing’s commitment to delivering the finest and freshest NA beers had propelled them to become the fastest-growing beverage manufacturer in the U.S. and the top-ranked company in Connecticut.

Jamie Lissette: Driving Athletic Brewing’s Success:

Jamie Lissette, the Chief Operating Officer at Athletic Brewing Company, had played a vital role in the company’s achievements. With responsibilities encompassing planning, forecasting, logistics, partnership agreements, and more, Lissette’s entrepreneurial spirit and leadership has been instrumental in shaping Athletic Brewing’s growth and success. As the founder of Hammerstone Markets, renowned for up-to-the-minute breaking news and analysis, Lissette had brought a wealth of expertise to the event. His diverse background and investment ventures had further demonstrates his commitment to fostering innovation and driving positive change.

Paul Lavoie: Empowering Manufacturing in Connecticut:

The event had also featured Paul Lavoie, Connecticut’s visionary Chief Manufacturing Officer, as one of the esteemed speakers. Lavoie had been entrusted with the crucial task of driving the growth of the manufacturing sector in the state. As the Board Chair of the Manufacturing Innovation Fund and the voice of the manufacturer in the Governor’s Office, he had advocated for the resources and support needed to foster manufacturing excellence in Connecticut. Lavoie’s insights and experience in empowering the manufacturing ecosystem had provided valuable perspectives to the event attendees.

FELO Speaker Series

Vancord: Securing the Future of Cybersecurity:

Gratitude has been extended to Vancord, a leading cybersecurity company, for sponsoring the event. With a mission to secure the digital landscape, Vancord provides innovative solutions and expertise to protect organizations from evolving cyber threats. Their sponsorship underscores their commitment to securing the future of businesses and industries, enabling their clients to thrive in a safe and protected environment.

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Those interested were urged to secure their spot at this event and be prepared for an evening of inspiration, networking, and thought-provoking discussions. FELO’s speaker series event was a remarkable opportunity to meet fellow professionals from various fields, ranging from entry-level to management positions.

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