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Managed IT

We specialize in managed services, and our dedicated support technicians work tirelessly to optimize and maintain your infrastructure and systems for maximum performance and reliability.

Operational Advantage

The Vantage Protect Difference​

Vantage Protect manages, defends, and responds to our customer’s existing and future infrastructure across all platforms. Designed as a suite of services hosted out of the Azure Cloud ecosystem, Vantage Protect provides a set of security capabilities that seamlessly integrates into the dominant technology stack our clients utilize.

Always ON Security

Custom Security Designed into EVERY Support Package

Our clients’ systems are continuously monitored by Vancord’s, “Always on,” internal Security Operations Center which detects and prevents cyber attacks before they occur. In addition to ITIL service management, we provide OS and critical security updates, and other necessary support services.

On-Prem & Multi-Cloud

Gain visibility of security weaknesses no matter where your infrastructure may live.

Vulnerability Management

Enrolled endpoints are scanned daily for vulnerable software and weak configurations. Stay ahead of attackers by finding known exposures.

Continuous Patch Management

Identify installed, available, and missed patches across multiple operating systems.

Endpoint Protection​

Protect enrolled endpoints with an industry leading EDR and anti-malware solution. Meet & exceed cybersecurity insurance requirements.

Compliance & Baselining

Regulatory evidence for when you need it, as well as baselines for when you are simply looking to improve configurations to be more secure.

Enhanced Reporting

Vantage Protect is designed to provide reporting at any time with real-time dashboards. These reports are also delivered as part of our regular quarterly reviews to keep both your tech team and management teams operationally aware.

SUPPORT AVAILABLE FOR Windows | macOS | Linux | + more

Our 5 Step Onboarding

Our industry-leading onboarding process includes a dedicated project team, which makes our managed IT services custom to each client. During this process, a customer management team gains access to the documentation and tools necessary to deliver an award-winning, ITIL-based service that is available 24×7.

In addition to learning about your entire digital environment, the team documents key operational processes and technical dependencies your business relies upon. Once gathered, this information is applied throughout the account management lifecycle, whether it is to identify and address problems and trends or recommend emerging technologies that create business efficiencies. Our teaming model ensures rapid responses and frequent 1:1 communication with technical teams.





Discovery Report

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Value of Security Standards

Aligning to a specific cybersecurity standard or blueprint for your ruling guide for compliance provides value and credibility to your organization. Meeting and exceeding regulatory requirements is a conduit to improving your business.
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Are you incident ready?

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Our Unique Approach

Most managed service providers (MSPs) use off-the-shelf systems for a prescribed stack of solutions. Vancord’s team works to customize and develop tools that work with your existing technology investments.

Vancord scales cyber security services for businesses of all sizes and configuration without sacrificing quality. We leverage remote monitoring and management, coupled with an end-to-end workflow management system, to deliver a full lifecycle of services to each of our distinct and diverse clients.

Featured Services

Building and maintaining a sound infrastructure is just the beginning. Our team of engineers and security experts are here to help you defend your more valuable information and respond in the event of a cybersecurity attack.