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Ransomware Protection

Organizations can reduce the likelihood and impact of a security incident through a proactive approach to cybersecurity. Vancord’s team of cybersecurity experts combined two of our top security offerings to provide clients with two detailed reports designed to identify gaps and provide recommendations. A Ransomware Assessment provides a comprehensive overview of current administrative and technical controls. A team Tabletop Exercise simulates a ransomware event to test ransomware readiness and defense methods.

Vancord's Proactive Approach to Protection

Ransomware Assessment
  • Identifies ransomware exposures and minimize recovery in less than 50 questions
  • Evaluates an organization’s security alignment with the NISTIR 8374 ransomware framework
  • Provides a clear roadmap for pragmatic improvement
Tabletop Exercise
  • Simulated incidents curated to test organizational security
  • Pre-exercise screening to engineer realistic scenarios for each organization’s unique security needs
  • Engaging security exercises designed to connect technical and executive participants
  • Assessment with (2) Vancord security engineers
  • Assessment report with security maturity score
  • Recommended remediations and plan of action
  • Tabletop exercise led by senior security engineers from our vISO team
  • Tabletop observation report with recommended improvements

Our Ransomware Ready service combines our top security offerings for $9,750.

Get Ransomware Ready

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