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Tabletop Exercises for Different Risk Scenarios

When it comes to cybersecurity, tabletop exercises help your staff prepare for an attack and develop tactical strategies for dealing with cybersecurity threats. Our tabletop exercises are include executive and technical participants and are designed to be highly interactive. With guidance from our clients, we create scenarios from real world events and run the exercises live to ensure as authentic an experience as possible.

Security experts from Vancord will assist your staff with evaluating the incidents and finding best practice solutions for improvement.

Enhance Team Preparedness with Interactive Tabletop Exercises

Vancord’s Tabletop Exercises are highly interactive and tailored to each client’s needs. An effective tabletop exercise can help any company address technology priorities, budgets, and align initiatives with overall business goals.

Contact Vancord today and get started with our interactive Tabletop Exercises to ensure your team is ready for incidents.

Benefits of Tabletop Exercises

  • Help staff develop strategies to deal with cyber threats
  • Evaluates existing incident response preparedness
  • Strengthen your network and IT staff

Strategic Planning with Legal Insights

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We go above and beyond defending your information. Our team of engineers and security experts are here to help you implement security from the ground up within your infrastructure and are prepared to respond in the event of a cybersecurity attack.

Featured Episodes

CyberSoundTM is a podcast built by and for business owners and professionals. Tune in as our cybersecurity experts cover the latest news regarding IT security, the most recent and relevant threats organizations are facing today, and provide tips to keep your business safe.
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Backdoors & Breaches

Black Hills Information Security created an incident response procedure card game titled “Backdoors & Breaches” (B&B). Today, the Vancord team takes a stab at playing it.
Join Jason, Steve, Matt, and Suzanne Pare as they play a fun round of B&B with the hope of informing listeners on different ways to familiarize themselves with processes and understand the layout of technical controls. Play the game here!
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What Would You Do? The Value of Acting Out an Attack

We all know that practice makes perfect, and the same holds true when it comes to incident response in the case of a cybersecurity attack. Linn discusses the value of acting out an incident— better known as a tabletop exercise, and what is needed to implement these exercises as standard practice for businesses.
On this episode of CyberSound, Jason, Steve, and Matt are joined by Linn Freedman, Chair of the Data Privacy and Cybersecurity Team at Robinson+Cole.