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CyberSound ep69

Threat Hunting with Binary Defense

With the emerging cybersecurity threat landscape, it’s increasingly important to have a Security Operations Center (SOC) that can recognize and respond to attacks in an

CyberSound ep68

E-Rate & School Reimbursement Funding

Managing and funding the operations of internet infrastructure in schools can be a difficult task. The Universal Service Program for Schools and Libraries, better known

CyberSound ep67

2022 Security Year in Review

As we near the end of 2022, the team at Vancord looks back on their security predictions, shares optimism about the future of the cybersecurity

CyberSound ep66

eWallets: Approaching a Contactless Future

In recent years, purchasing methods of consumers have drastically changed. Relative to the security space, the introduction of Electronic Wallets (eWallets) and the need for

CyberSound ep64

LastPass: The Value of Password Vaults

Password protection management is a fundamental practice you and your organization should utilize to keep your credentials safe. There are many password managers available, but

CyberSound ep63

Halloween Kill Chain

It’s no secret that full-size candy bars are sought after and tracked down on Halloween night. In this fun, holiday-esque episode, Jason, Steve, and Matt