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Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Vancord Mean?

Our name is derived from the words Vantage and Concord and means ‘To See, affording a good view of something and in a state of agreement, harmony and partnership’. It is our core belief at Vancord that listening closely to our clients and working collaboratively will yield the best possible results. By deeply understanding your needs, we can ensure the delivery of solutions that are uniquely beneficial to your organization and constituents.

Will there be any billing changes (finance contacts, Tax IDs, existing contracts or payments)?

No, there will be no changes to any existing agreement, payment structure, bank account information, or Tax ID. Our corporation entity name (TBNG, Inc.) will remain; however, our trade name has been updated as we will operate solely under the Vancord name moving forward. A separate correspondence will be provided later this month (along with monthly invoices) to all client finance points of contact.

How can I learn more about this change and what it means to me and my organization?

Please reach out to your account manager with any questions, look for future invites to informational webinars and events in the coming months. Additionally follow our updated social media accounts on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram and subscribe to our weekly podcast “CyberSoundTM” available anywhere you get your podcasts.

Will my Account Manager change?

No, your account manager will stay the same, but his/her email address will change. You will see emails coming from, however, we will still receive any correspondence sent to through the remainder of the year.

Does this change mean that I’m now fully secure?

The joining of these two divisions means that our baseline offerings will continue to expand, and our ability to provide integrated security services along with managed IT services will only grow stronger and more advanced. Security is a journey, and the final destination is different for every client. By adhering to our core guiding principles during every engagement, we are confident that we will help guide your organization on the road to a more robust security posture and in so doing distinguish ourselves from other information security professional services companies. Managed customer contracts are a great place to start in understanding the breadth and depth of the service you are receiving from Vancord. As always, please reach out to your account manager with any questions/concerns.

Will my support change?

Your Support Team will stay the same. You will now be able to open a ticket with both as well as In addition, you may see emails coming from, however, we will still receive any correspondence sent to through the remainder of the year.