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Security Resiliency Matrix

Most security risk encountered by Vancord with its customers can be managed through simple, common-sense practices built atop a strong foundation. The Vancord security roadmap presented below is based on this notion. Many customers likely require only a small subset of these activities, while some with greater exposure and obligations warrant more comprehensive effort.

Customized Cybersecurity Solutions Tailored for Your Unique Protection Needs

Vancord strives to understand the specific business and risk tolerance of every customer, and its recommendations are tailored to those characteristics. Organizations differ and the rigor required to protect them do, too. Businesses with health data or government contracts have different requirements compared to educational institutions and non-profits. Through collaborative discussions, Vancord identifies the needs of every customer to find a best fit.

Many businesses are tired of expensive security protections that fail to deliver despite being advertised as a silver bullet. Our goal is to measure risk through observation to provide guidance, achieving and maintaining a secure environment, and to craft appropriate solutions for likely threats.

Security Resiliency Matrix

Log Collection
& Review
Data & Asset
Identity & Access Management
Awareness & Training
Policy & Incident Management


Enhance and Enforce

Validate and Sustain