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TBNG & Vancord Merger

We are proud to announce that TBNG Consulting and Vancord are now unified as one company under the Vancord name.
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your technology

Vancord helps optimize the performance of your organization by architecting, implementing, and managing network solutions that are customized to suit your needs.

Our solutions are built from the ground up to protect the long-term success of your business.

We act as a trusted partner and guide to ensure the highest level of oversight and compliance.


your company

Our team seeks to develop a deep understanding of your environment to identify business risks and vulnerabilities that cyber criminals can exploit.

Our team helps you prepare for audits and uphold critical regulatory requirements. 


to cyber threats

Our rapid response team is prepared to help you make critical decisions and take swift, corrective action to minimize potential damage to your business.

We stop hackers right in their tracks and provide services to minimize disruption and restore valuable data.

We help prepare your team with tools and training to effectively respond in the face of a cyber attack.

We are innovators in the fields of IT and cybersecurity with decades of experience and a brilliant team of dedicated engineers.
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Our Clients


CMC Energy

CMC Energy requested Vancord to look over their entire infrastructure to determine risks, unfortified areas of data, and evaluate their current resources to safeguard hacker tools like spear phishing, denial of service (DDoS), viruses, and specifically, ransomware.

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Vancord takes a proactive approach to cybersecurity, ensuring you’re prepared for, and can recover successfully from a cyber attack.