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Are You Incident Ready?

Resilience by definition is “the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties.” When it comes to cybersecurity, building your organization’s incident resiliency starts with understanding your environment and assessing potential vulnerabilities so that you are always one step ahead of imminent threats. 


Think about it this way. Would you ever buy a house without first completing a home inspection? Purchasing a home is a significant, often life-changing investment, and a home inspection gives you peace of mind and confidence in your purchase decision by exposing any flaws or weaknesses that could result in costly repairs down the road.

The security of your organization is no different, which is why we believe that a crucial first step on any business owner’s path to incident resiliency is to complete Vancord’s Incident Ready Assessment. 

Knowledge Is Power

With more than eighty thousand cyber attacks happening per day, the question is not if, but when. The majority of cyber attacks take place because of an organization’s lack of foundational knowledge about their digital ecosystems and what’s really happening behind the curtain.

One of the primary functions of the Incident Ready Assessment is to dive deep into understanding what (if anything) is being done to proactively protect, and where the biggest gaps exist that are exposing you to potential attacks.

Key Assessment Activities

To ensure we’re collecting as much relevant information as possible, your dedicated team of cybersecurity experts will typically engage in three key exercises:

  1. Program Maturity Assessment
    • By conducting interviews with IT leaders and key technical players, our experts will be able to provide an assessment of your organization’s current security programs.
  2. Dark Web Scan and Review
    • Yes, the dark web is real and yes, sensitive data or information could be stolen from you and leaked. The dark web scan allows us to collect and review dark web data, allowing our team to actively protect accounts and reduce the opportunity for the reputational repercussions that can come from identity theft.
  3. Vulnerability Scan and Review
    • During this process, we’ll identify common vulnerabilities and gaps within your infrastructure that hackers typically prey on, and provide a report outlining all of the misconfigurations.

The Benefit

When it comes to protecting your business, it’s as simple as this: recognizing cybersecurity vulnerabilities now, will reduce the impact of cyber attacks later. By completing the Incident Ready Assessment, our team will then be able to provide you with cutting edge safety recommendations that are both easy to understand and implement.

As a business owner, you have enough to worry about, and utilizing incident ready services will allow you to focus on the things that matter instead of losing sleep over the potential for business disruptions, data loss, financial hardship or even legal action.

The Incident Ready Assessment is just the first step on your path to building your incident resiliency and cybersecurity confidence. Our team offers a full suite of incident ready services that emphasize security fundamentals over complexity, and will allow us to continue to work collaboratively on arming you with the tools necessary to act quickly and recover in the event of an unexpected cyberattack. Learn more about our incident ready services here.

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