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What’s Hot and What’s Not in Technology and Culture | 2024

In the latest episode of CyberSound, Vancord's Cybersecurity Podcast 2024, hosts Jason and Steve introduce a new segment to the show, titled "Hot or Not." Joined by Brian Brehart of Vancord, they explore trending topics in cybersecurity and beyond. The episode covers a range of issues, from the ongoing challenges of compromised firewalls and the new federal security incident reporting obligations to current emerging technologies in the market.
They also dive into a rapid-fire game, evaluating the relevance of topics like generative AI, social media, and the metaverse. The episode concludes with lighter topics, including Taylor Swift's enduring popularity and Caitlin Clark's impact on the WNBA
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Independence Day: What Benedict Arnold Can Teach Us About Cybersecurity | 2024

Happy Fourth of July! In this engaging episode of CyberSound, Vancord's Cybersecurity Podcast, hosts Jason, Michael, and Steve explore the intriguing parallels between cybersecurity and the historical figure Benedict Arnold. Tying the discussion to the July Fourth holiday, they delve into how Arnold's betrayal during the American Revolution can provide valuable insights into modern insider threats.
The episode covers Arnold's background, his rise and fall, and his ultimate act of treason, drawing lessons on how organizations can detect and prevent insider threats today. Emphasizing the importance of trust, vigilance, and thorough background checks, the hosts highlight the need for robust security measures and a culture of awareness to safeguard against similar risks in the cybersecurity landscape.
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CyberSound ep105

CyberSound™ Vancord’s Cybersecurity Podcast 2024 / Information Security Due Diligence 101 / Ep. 105

In this episode of CyberSound, Vancord’s Cybersecurity Podcast hosted by Jason and Michael, the focus is on the intricacies of mergers and acquisitions (M&A) within the cybersecurity realm, featuring guest Fred Purdue, Managing Director of Mergers and Acquisitions at West Monroe. Fred discusses his role in assisting private equity firms through the M&A process, emphasizing the importance of IT and cybersecurity due diligence. He shares insights into the different stages of the M&A process, from initial assessments to integration strategies, and highlights common red flags and risks, such as outdated technology and cybersecurity vulnerabilities. The conversation also covers the increasing necessity of cybersecurity assessments in transactions, the potential impacts of cyber risks on deal valuations, and the importance of having well-defined security and technology strategies, offering valuable insights for both buyers and sellers in the market.
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CyberSound ep104

Steve Prout: Navigating CMMC Compliance with Vancord for Alpha Q’s Success | 2024

In this episode of CyberSound, Vancord’s Cybersecurity Podcast hosts Jason and Michael are joined by Steve Prout, President of Vancord’s client, Alpha Q, to discuss the critical intersection of cybersecurity and advanced manufacturing. Steve highlights Alpha Q’s impressive 60-year legacy, detailing its two business segments: complex component machining for major clients like Sikorsky and Rolls Royce, and precision gaging through Glastonbury Southern Gage.
Emphasizing the impact of the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) on small businesses, Steve shares the challenges and costs associated with compliance, such as enhanced security measures and regulatory adherence. The discussion underscores the evolving nature of cybersecurity standards and the essential role of trusted IT partners in navigating these complexities.
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Deepfake and Democracy: Senator Tony Hwang on the Threat of Deepfake and the Need for Legislation

In the latest episode of CyberSound, hosts Jason Pufahl and Michael Grande engage in a thought-provoking discussion with State Senator Tony Hwang about the burgeoning risks associated with artificial intelligence (AI), particularly focusing on the spread of disinformation through deepfakes. Highlighting a live demonstration created using voice cloning technology, the episode showcases the alarming ease with which convincing yet fake audio conversations can be produced.
Senator Hwang emphasizes the need for a balanced approach, advocating for both education and regulation to mitigate these risks while still fostering innovation. The conversation delves into the potential misuse of AI in manipulating public opinion, especially in the context of elections, and underscores the critical role of technology companies and consumers in ensuring the integrity of information. The episode underscores the critical balance between embracing AI's benefits and safeguarding against its potential harms, advocating for increased public awareness and legislative action to protect society.

Defending Manufacturing: Best Practices in OT Security

In this episode of CyberSound, Jason and Steve are joined by Brian Brehart of Vancord to delve into the intricate world of operational technology (OT) cybersecurity. The discussion navigates through the challenges posed by aging OT systems, highlighting critical vulnerabilities in the manufacturing sector. The conversation evolves into practical strategies for risk management, urging businesses to prioritize business continuity and revenue protection.
The team concludes with a call to action for businesses, especially smaller manufacturers, stressing the importance of assessing and addressing cybersecurity risks, even if they perceive themselves as less attractive targets.
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CyberSound ep101

Home Smart Home: Security vs. Convenience in IoT

In this episode of CyberSound, co-hosts Jason and Michael sit down with Brian Brehart of Vancord to delve into the complexities of securing smart home devices within the context of the Internet of Things (IoT). The conversation explores the balance between convenience and security when integrating smart technology into homes, touching on topics such as wireless thermostats, smart TVs, and voice-activated assistants like Alexa.
The team encourages listeners to educate themselves on the importance of implementing robust security measures to maintain privacy, including setting up separate networks, updating router firewalls, and researching device security features. As the conversation broadens to include considerations for small businesses and the expanding range of internet-enabled devices, the team concludes by underscoring the importance of privacy in the IoT era.
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CyberSound ep100

Securing a Century: Reflecting on 100 Episodes of CyberSound

In the landmark 100th episode of CyberSound, Jason, Steve, and Michael reflect on the podcast’s growth and evolution over two years. The team celebrates the journey by reflecting on notable episodes, highlighting honorary guests, and discussing recent expansion into video and broader topics beyond cybersecurity.
With humor and enthusiasm, the team underscores CyberSound's mission: to inform, educate, and engage with integrity while helping listeners navigate the ever-evolving landscapes of business and cybersecurity.
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CyberSound ep99

Transparent Tech Steering Consent in the AI Age

It is necessary for companies to proactively consider the ethical and legal ramifications of AI usage while understanding the importance of balancing technological advancement with safeguarding individual privacy rights and societal well-being. It becomes evident that privacy in the age of AI is a multifaceted and evolving realm, ripe with complexities and opportunities for thoughtful regulation and ethical implementation.
In this episode of CyberSound, co-hosts Jason and Michael welcome Rob McWilliams of Vancord, and William Roberts of Day Pitney LLP to delve into the intricate intersection of AI and privacy law. With a focus on demystifying AI and its implications, the conversation navigates through the evolving landscape of privacy policies, consent, and the burgeoning challenges posed by generative AI.
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CyberSound ep98

Bracket Breakdown Cybersecurity Meets March Madness

In this episode of CyberSound, Jason and Michael welcome special guest Chris Taft, Chief Accounting Officer at Fanatics, a leading global digital sports platform. Chris emphasizes the intersection of sports, accounting, and technology while highlighting the importance of ongoing training, tabletop exercises, and board involvement for businesses to maintain a strong cybersecurity practice.
The team discusses the seasonality of sports events and tournaments, which oftentimes come with heightened opportunities for cyber threats and phishing scams. They also discuss the implications of the new SEC rule requiring public companies to report breaches, representing the growing significance of cybersecurity at the board level.
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CyberSound ep97

Understanding the Data Privacy Patchwork: What You Need to Know

It is crucial to understand the distinction between privacy and security, as these terms are often conflated. In this episode of CyberSound, co-hosts Jason and Michael are joined by Rob McWilliams, Data Privacy Consultant at Vancord, and Bill Roberts, Data Privacy Attorney at Day Pitney LLP to discuss the different aspects of both privacy and security and provide practical tips within the evolving landscape of cybersecurity laws.
There is a need for businesses to document their privacy processes, conduct inventories of personal data, and consider the implications of emerging technologies like artificial intelligence. The team delves into the current state of privacy laws, highlighting the lack of a comprehensive federal law and the increasing complexity of state regulations.
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CyberSound ep96

The Era of Digital Innovation: Navigating Valentine’s Surprises

In this episode of CyberSound, hosts Jason and Michael embark on a humorous yet insightful exploration of the complexities of planning a surprise for Valentine’s Day in the digital age. From the initial dilemma of keeping plans secret amidst shared online accounts to navigating the intricacies of incognito browsing and secure payment methods, the team offers practical tips to keep your gifts a secret on February 14th.
Delving into the nuances of online privacy, they ultimately advocate for a return to simplicity by embracing offline shopping and direct transactions. Jason and Michael remind us to stay vigilant in matters of cybersecurity while celebrating this holiday.
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CyberSound ep95

Personal Privacy vs. Progress: Implications of the 23andMe Leak

Recent news has surfaced concerning the popular DNA Testing company 23andMe, as a security breach has compromised the data of thousands of users. This conversation delves into the consequences of such occurrences and examines the varying perspectives surrounding user accountability versus the company’s obligation to protect sensitive information.
In this segment, Jason and Michael are accompanied by Vancord's Rob McWilliams, Data Privacy Consultant, and Brian Brehart, Information Security Officer, as they navigate the evolving landscape of data breaches and address the possible legal implications.
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CyberSound ep94

Banking in the Digital Age: Mastercard’s Security Innovations

Mastercard is committed to protecting consumers and businesses from fraud, particularly in the realm of open banking. Real-time identity and data validation are crucial to implement in the transactional financial space.
In this episode, Jason is joined by Steve and Michael, with a special guest, Patrick Pearson, Vice President of Open Banking Partnerships at Mastercard. The team delves into cardholder data security, with an emphasis on the prioritization struggles faced by organizations tackling fraud and the importance of partnerships built on trust in the cybersecurity landscape. Stay up to date on the latest cybersecurity news and industry insights by subscribing to our channel and visiting our blog.
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CyberSound ep93

Partnering for Progress: A Spotlight on CBIA

The Connecticut Business and Industry Association (CBIA) is the state’s largest business organization and is committed to fostering a competitive business climate to make Connecticut an attractive place to live and work.
In this episode of CyberSound, hosts Jason Pufahl and Michael Grande welcome Chris DiPentima, President and CEO of the CBIA. Join the conversation as they discuss CBIA's rich history, its role in advocating for businesses, and the array of services it provides to small and medium-sized enterprises. Whether you're a business owner or just interested in the economic landscape of Connecticut, this episode offers valuable insights into the initiatives shaping the state's future. Vancord is proud to be a partner of the CBIA as the Exclusive IT Provider. Check out the Press Release here.
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CyberSound ep92

Tech in a Top Hat: The Frosty AI Conspiracy

Happy Holidays from the team at CyberSound!
In this episode, Jason, Steve, and Michael take a unique and entertaining approach to explore the intersection of Christmas folklore and advanced technology. In particular, the hosts delve into the whimsical character of Frosty the Snowman and propose a fascinating theory that Frosty could be an early version of Artificial Intelligence (AI). The hosts dissect the lyrics of the classic song, presenting a thought-provoking perspective on the implications of AI development.
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CyberSound ep91

The Pillars of Protection: Risk Strategy, Insurance, and the Key Players

Risk management is a crucial practice that business owners should implement and revisit regularly. On this episode of CyberSound, the team explores strategies to safeguard businesses from various angles, including legal, economic, and personnel-related risks.
Jason and Michael welcome Darren Violette of Profectus Financial Partners to explore the broader landscape of risk and how strategic planning, insurance, and strong employee retention can elevate your business valuation.

Disclaimer: This material contains the current opinions of the presenter but not necessarily those of Guardian or its subsidiaries and such opinions are subject to change without notice. Profectus Financial Partners offers fee-based planning, wealth advisory services, and securities through Park Avenue Securities LLC (PAS) and insurance through The Bulfinch Group Insurance Agency, LLC. Fee-based plans may include tax and wealth planning suggestions, but we do not give tax or legal advice. You should consult your tax or legal advisor regarding your individual situation. Darren Violette is an Investment Advisor and Registered Representative of PAS and Financial Representative of The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America (Guardian), supervised from: 160 Gould Street, Suite 310, Needham, MA 02494, 781-449-4402. PAS is a wholly owned subsidiary of Guardian. Profectus Financial Partners and The Bulfinch Group are affiliated, but neither firm is an affiliate or subsidiary of PAS or Guardian. Darren Violette, CA Insurance license # OM18222; FL Insurance license # P171418. PAS is a member FINRA, SIPC. Links to external sites are provided for your convenience in locating related information and services. Guardian, its subsidiaries, agents and employees expressly disclaim any responsibility for and do not maintain, control, recommend, or endorse third-party sites, organizations, products, or services and make no representation as to the completeness, suitability, or quality thereof. 2023-163344 Exp 10/25

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CyberSound ep90

AI Unveiled: From Basics to Business and Beyond

Navigating the intricate landscape of Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be daunting– but it doesn’t have to be. On this episode of CyberSound, the team provides valuable insights into generative AI, explores its strengths, weaknesses, and how it has garnered widespread attention in the professional services landscape, and discusses practical business applications across various industries.
Today, Jason, Michael, and Steve are joined by Zach Warren, Technology and Innovation Insights Lead at Thomson Reuters Institute, to shed light on this groundbreaking technology for listeners.
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CyberSound ep89

Connecticut Senators on the Cutting Edge: AI & Data Privacy in Focus

Connecticut has been a leader in addressing data privacy issues and Artificial Intelligence (AI) regulation through policies that protect residents and foster innovation.
In this episode of CyberSound, Jason and Michael have a thoughtful conversation with Senator Tony Hwang and Senator James Maroney of the State of Connecticut on the complexities of AI, data privacy, and the state’s approach to transparency and accountability in AI usage. The Senators address social equity concerns and emphasize the importance of a balanced and informed approach to these issues.
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CyberSound ep88

The CIO’s Dilemma: Proving Value and Driving Strategic Change with CEOs

Often, CIOs and CISOs are faced with the challenge of needing to prove the value of implementing cybersecurity controls to secure an organization. Today, we discuss the tools available for both IT strategy and cybersecurity risk management that enable executives to drive strategic change for their business.
On this episode of CyberSound, Jason, and Michael are joined by Brian Doyle, Co-Founder of vCIOToolbox and Cybrance, to discuss his product development journey and the need he found to create simple software that helps meet business objectives and needs.
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CyberSound ep87

Presenting: Vantage Managed Detection & Response (MDR)

Endpoint protection is a popular space in the market for businesses right now, whether it be to meet cyber liability insurance requirements or to boost an organization’s comprehensive approach against threats.
Today, Jason Pufahl, Michael Grande, Matt Fusaro, and Mike Lang, all of the Vancord team, are proud to present Vantage MDR: a cutting-edge managed endpoint detection and response solution powered by industry-leader Microsoft, fully delivered by Vancord's security experts.
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CyberSound ep86

Recent Cyber Attacks in CT: Protecting Your Business from Financial Fraud

This summer, numerous businesses around Connecticut have fallen victim to cyber-attacks. These sophisticated and often expensive incidents remind organizations that they need good processes and controls in place to stay protected.
On this topical segment of CyberSound, Jason sits down with the President & CEO of Vancord, Michael Grande, to put a financial perspective on the implications of these attacks. Jason and Michael discuss common threat actor motives and methods, the importance of vendor management, cyber liability insurance, and best practices that organizations can employ.
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CyberSound ep 85

The Human Element of Security Awareness Training

Technology plays a role in improving security posture, but a well-informed and educated workforce is superior to keeping an organization protected. Security awareness training is crucial to ensuring your team is empowered, productive, and safe – and it doesn’t have to be boring!
On this episode of CyberSound, Jason and Steve welcome Joel Cahill to the podcast. Joel is the CEO and Co-Founder of Vancord’s partner company, Infima Cybersecurity, a modern-day security awareness training platform designed to provide seamless, brief, and innovative training for everyone. Tune in today as the team explores behaviors and the human element of security.
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CyberSound ep84

Demystifying Threat Hunting vs. Incident Response

Threat Hunting and Incident Response are two tactful measures that help an organization’s cybersecurity journey. But what is the difference between them?
Join us today as Jason, Matt, and Steve dive into the separate services, and discuss the proactiveness of Threat Hunting and the neutralization of breaches through Incident Response. The team also explores where forensics comes into play and how the maturity of an organization can determine what toolsets are appropriate to implement.
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CyberSound ep83

Fraud in Higher Education

Higher education institutions have become top targets for student fraudulent activity and scamming. As these threat actors continue to advance, it is more important than ever for universities to have the right tool sets in place to detect and filter out fake student applications.
In this episode, Jason and Steve welcome Maurice Simpkins, President of A.M. Simpkins and Associates, to discuss the interconnection of higher education fraud and cybersecurity. Both parties have the common goal of keeping institutions protected and maintaining the highest standards of academic integrity.
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CyberSound ep82

MOVEit Vulnerability Exploitation: June, 2023

Progress Software’s file-transfer tool MOVEit recently experienced a massive exploitation. What does this mean for the users of the software and the service providers with clientele under this tool?
Today, Jason, Matt, and Steve walk through the incident and notification processes while advising of basic steps to be proactive against these types of attacks. The team emphasizes that these basic recommendations apply to those involved with the MOVEit vulnerability and those dealing with sensitive data transfers.
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CyberSound ep81

Vancord Security Constitution: The Digital Citizen’s Guide

We, as digital citizens of the United States, have cyber duties to fulfill to ensure the protection of our data and devices.
In celebration of the 4th of July, Jason reads the Vancord Security Constitution that recognizes the importance of remaining vigilant and practicing safe habits online, especially during the holiday season.
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CyberSound ep80

How is AI Transforming Cybersecurity?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) advancements are shaping the digital world at a revolutionary pace. From ChatGPT and image generators to solving ransomware attacks and providing curated learning, AI has demonstrated many positive usages. However, there are motivators to slow this process down, with concerns surrounding the potential threats artificial intelligence may pose.
In this episode, the CyberSound team addresses incoming AI tools, reviews how the population will likely navigate them, and have an open dialogue on their feelings towards this actively developing software.
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CyberSound ep79

Mandated Cybersecurity Education in K-12 Schools

Just this year, North Dakota passed House Bill No.1398, becoming the first state in the country to require cybersecurity education in K-12 schools.
Today, Jason, Matt, and Steve discuss the specific curricula put in place, explain how programs can be tailored to younger audiences, and stress that this kind of education is just as important as other core subjects. Tune in to explore this new law that is leading change in cybersecurity.
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CyberSound ep78

Privacy Concerns with TikTok

Numerous states have placed a formal ban on the use of the popular social media platform TikTok, leaving users to question its safety surrounding data and asset privacy.
Today, Jason, Steve, and Matt discuss the restrictions, current threat model, and perceived threats in hopes of easing some concerns. The team encourages being proactive and protecting your data before worrying about platforms accessing it.
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CyberSound ep77

NERCOMP 2023 Annual Conference Recap

Last month, the Vancord team attended the NorthEast Regional Computing Program (NERCOMP) Conference, which annually brings together individuals in IT and higher education. From ransomware concerns to heightening security awareness and meeting compliance deadlines, many productive conversations took place.
Tune in as Jason and Steve sit down with Krystal Racine, Account Executive at Vancord, to playback a few interview clips from NERCOMP of attendees' cybersecurity experiences.
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CyberSound episode 76

Understanding Data Breach Notification Laws

A data breach has occurred in your organization– what now? Who do I legally have to notify? What types of data require notification? There are many influencing factors in state data breach laws that organizations must consider regarding discloser requirements.
Today on Cybersound, Jason, Steve, and Matt are joined by Vancord’s Data Privacy Consultant, Rob McWilliams, to discuss the overall message: If you are equipped to respond properly to incidents, you should seek guidance to meet your regulatory obligations.
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CyberSound episode 75

Security Challenges Facing Operational Technology

As cyber threats increase, so does the importance of keeping your critical infrastructure systems secure. Inventorying your operational technology (OT), being aware of the risk, and implementing cybersecurity best practices are ways to maintain and assess these devices.
Today, Jason, Matt, and Steve address these fundamental issues and guide you on where your organization needs to be when protecting your infrastructure.
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CyberSound episode 74

Connecticut Data Privacy Act: Be Prepared

The Connecticut Data Privacy Act (or “CTDPA”) is going into effect on July 1, 2023, making Connecticut the fifth state to pass a comprehensive data privacy law that protects consumers. How will this new law impact your organization, and are there any obligations you should know?
On today’s episode of CyberSound, Jason, and Steve talk with Rob McWilliams, Data Privacy Consultant at Vancord, to educate listeners on what this law means. Read more on the CTDPA here.
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CyberSound episode 73

The Impact of Supply Chain Issues in IT

Over the past few years, supply chain issues have significantly impacted the IT industry. From extensive lead times to unfulfillable hardware needs, it is more important than ever to understand the risk, ensure you have a supply chain strategy in place and plan early and often.
Tune in as Jason Pufahl, and Matt Fusaro sit down with Daniel Kaupp, Vice President of Professional Services, to discuss how Vancord has overcome some of these issues and provide recommendations for organizations to get around these kinks. Read more in Dan’s article here.
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CyberSound episode 72

Introducing Vantage Protect

Microsoft is continuously developing its stack of security capabilities and staying innovative in the cloud space.
Today, the team at Vancord is proud to announce a proactive approach they have adopted, utilizing Microsoft Azure Cloud to better manage clients' data. Vantage Protect is a suite of services provided by Vancord's expert engineers that maximizes the performance and reliability of security systems in an automated fashion. Learn more about Vantage Protect today.
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CyberSound episode 71

How will ChatGPT Affect Cybersecurity?

OpenAI’s ChatGPT is an emerging phenomenon in the cybersecurity space. However, as Artificial Intelligence technology advances, so does the potential for misuse. From generating phishing emails to disrupting the academic environment for youth, ChatGPT can have different impacts, and it is critical to practice appropriate usage.
Today, the team at CyberSound share their thoughts with listeners on the emergence of this AI software, as well as read a script generated by ChatGPT itself.
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CyberSound ep70

Growing Up Online Part 2: Exploring Technology

The ever-changing cyber world poses risks for children. It is critical to ensure they are using technology appropriately. As a parent, how do I address these concerns with my child, and are there any preventative measures I can take?
As a Part 2 in our Growing Up Online series, Jason, Steve, and Matt are joined today by the VP of Client Success at Vancord, Lou Ardolino, to discuss how they’ve learned to provide ethical guidance to their children in behaving appropriately online.
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CyberSound ep69

Threat Hunting with Binary Defense

With the emerging cybersecurity threat landscape, it’s increasingly important to have a Security Operations Center (SOC) that can recognize and respond to attacks in an efficient manner. Understanding what attackers are thinking and how they plan to use malware ensures that as these new threats emerge, a defense against them is also being built.
On this episode of CyberSound, Jason and Matt sit down with the Vice President of Threat Hunting and Counterintelligence at Binary Defense, Randy Pargman, to break down how his company prepares their SOC analysts for threat hunting.
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CyberSound ep68

E-Rate & School Reimbursement Funding

Managing and funding the operations of internet infrastructure in schools can be a difficult task. The Universal Service Program for Schools and Libraries, better known as E-Rate, exists to help make it easier for these entities to get the equipment and services they need at an affordable price.
Today, Jason is joined by the CEO of E-Rate First, Joseph Pillo, and Owen Black from Vancord to reveal the E-Rate process and the benefits of applying for this program.
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CyberSound ep67

2022 Security Year in Review

As we near the end of 2022, the team at Vancord looks back on their security predictions, shares optimism about the future of the cybersecurity and information technology industries, and encourages you to focus on the fundamentals for the upcoming year.
Today, Jason, Steve, and Matt are joined by the President & CEO of Vancord, Michael Grande, as they dive into hot trends they've witnessed in 2022. Tune in for a recap on 5G, issues with Twitter, the evolving financial landscape, and the increased usage of smart home devices.
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CyberSound ep66

eWallets: Approaching a Contactless Future

In recent years, purchasing methods of consumers have drastically changed. Relative to the security space, the introduction of Electronic Wallets (eWallets) and the need for convenience and safety has become crucial.
Today, the team at Vancord discusses this topic of eWallets, mention their recommendations for use, and addresses a few of the security concerns you should consider. The team believes this up-and-coming feature will be the new reality over the coming years.
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CyberSound ep65

White House Announces Important Cybersecurity Measures

On October 11, 2022, the Biden-Harris Administration released a Fact Sheet revealing the increased efforts of the White House to improve the Nation’s cyber defenses. But how exactly are they promising to lead Americans toward a more cyber-safe future?
Today, Jason, Steve, and Matt divulge a few key ideas that may benefit our listeners, such as developing a new label, building up the cyber workforce, and security relative to quantum computing. Read the official document here.
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CyberSound ep64

LastPass: The Value of Password Vaults

Password protection management is a fundamental practice you and your organization should utilize to keep your credentials safe.
There are many password managers available, but today, Jason, Steve, and Matt dive into their preferred software, LastPass, to speak on the marriage of security and convenience this tool provides. The team stresses how incidents can prove the value of password vaults and reassures any concerns about using these platforms.
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CyberSound ep63

Halloween Kill Chain

Keep yourself safe from cyberattacks this Halloween season.
It’s no secret that full-size candy bars are sought after and tracked down on Halloween night. In this fun, holiday-esque episode, Jason, Steve, and Matt introduce an easy-to-follow scenario to walk you through the different stages of a cyberattack and guide your understanding of the Cyber Kill Chain.
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CyberSound ep62

Cybersecurity: We’re All in This Together

Information security is an intellectually stimulating and somewhat challenging industry to be in, but at the heart of it is the collectivity of the environment. When there is an emerging or urgent situation, there is a need to come together and solve the problem.
Tune in as Jason, Steve, and Matt share their thoughts and appreciation for working in a field that has such a great sense of community and share with listeners that security does not exist without community effort.
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CyberSound Episode 61

Cybersecurity Awareness Month: See Yourself in Cyber

Happy Cybersecurity Awareness Month! Each year, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) announces a theme for October; this year it’s “See Yourself in Cyber”.
As we head into the month, the team at Vancord puts a twist on the theme with an informative and thought-provoking conversation on the direction they see cybersecurity heading. The overarching message is simple: cybersecurity should be at the forefront of your organization. Learn more about Cybersecurity Awareness Month here.
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CyberSound ep60

Zero Trust: What is it & How Can I Utilize it?

Zero trust is an important security framework that ensures users, assets, and resources are protected from all angles. The rise of remote work has made this even more prevalent. It’s the responsibility of organizations to employ a variety of these measures in a workplace and build stronger operational systems.
Join us today on CyberSound for an informative episode with the team on what zero trust is and building a strategy to fit it into your plan.
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CyberSound ep59

Turning the Tables on Attackers

Understanding the behavior of attackers can increase reactivity, improve your overall security stance, and give you a leg up in detecting malicious activity.
On today’s episode of CyberSound, Jason, Steve, and Matt discuss common indicators of an incident in hopes of improving your defense tactics and recommend technologies that may be useful for you to deploy.
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CyberSound ep58

Backdoors & Breaches

Black Hills Information Security created an incident response procedure card game titled “Backdoors & Breaches” (B&B). Today, the Vancord team takes a stab at playing it.
Join Jason, Steve, Matt, and Suzanne Pare as they play a fun round of B&B with the hope of informing listeners on different ways to familiarize themselves with processes and understand the layout of technical controls. Play the game here!
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CyberSound ep57

Untold Stories of a Cybersecurity Engineer

Working in the security space can come with unexpected challenges and events. The team at Vancord has learned how to properly handle incident response by understanding the high sense of urgency people feel in these situations.
Join Jason, Steve, and Matt on today’s episode of CyberSound as they recall some of the most riveting jobs they’ve encountered as cybersecurity engineers and emphasize the importance of flexibility in this industry.
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CyberSound ep56

Finding Privacy in Public Data

What kind of data is attainable to the general public? There is information that you may deem private, like salaries, voter affiliation, and property assessor records. Fortunately, there are options for recourse and limiting the visibility of this data.
Join us on today’s episode of CyberSound as Jason, Steve, and Matt hope to help you and your organization understand where data in the public domain is stored and encourage finding your comfort level.
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CyberSound ep 55

Unpacking the 2022 Ponemon Cost of Insider Threats Global Report

There are valuable resources available to help protect your organization against insider threats, one of the larger ones being the annual Ponemon Cost of Insider Threats Global Report.
Today, Jason, Steve, and Matt dive into the 2022 report in hopes of helping listeners, both business owners and security practitioners, realign organizational spending and understand the costs of these threats.
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CyberSound ep54

Vancord and Binary Defense: Two Business Partners in The Industry

Understanding the business market is the first step in providing successful cybersecurity services to clients. Having valued partners to collaborate with amplifies this.
On this week’s episode of CyberSound, Jason sits down with Bob Meindl, CEO of Binary Defense, and Michael Grande, CEO of Vancord, to have a productive conversation on the importance of people and relationships in this industry, key business drivers in the market, and address the ongoing cybersecurity talent gap.
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CyberSound ep53

One Year of CyberSound

It’s been one year since the release of our first ever episode of CyberSound! Tune in as Jason, Steve, and Matt revisit snippets of episodes this past year and share laughs and valuable lessons learned throughout the creation of this podcast.
Thanks to our listeners for joining us on this journey, and we look forward to providing you with more impactful cybersecurity content over the next year.
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CyberSound ep52

Balancing Priorities of Infrastructure and Security

IT and cybersecurity are two fundamental pieces of an organization’s internet protection. But how can these respective departments work together to bring a more strategic approach to projects?
Today, the team at CyberSound sits down with Lou Ardolino of Vancord for a productive conversation on using effective communication to bring infrastructure and security technology teams together to build a better future for your clients.
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CyberSound ep51

GLBA Compliance in Higher Ed: Helping to Protect Student Financial Data

There are changing expectations in higher education for protecting student financial records. This is an opportunity for your institution to get ahead in information security as the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA) requirements begin to go into effect this year.
Join Jason, Steve, and guest star Brian Kelly from EDUCAUSE on today’s episode of CyberSound to discuss the importance of performing self-assessments to sustain your eligibility with these obligations. Don’t wait– start your journey to compliance now.
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CyberSound ep50

The Cyber Journey To Protecting Sensitive Data: How Evident Must It Be?

The Department of Defense (DoD) holds security standards for organizations that handle controlled, unclassified information– particularly NIST 800-171 and the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC). These standards are set to ensure protection in your business and to avoid any potential data breaches or financial impacts.
Today, Jason and Steve are joined by FutureFeed’s Jim Goepel, where the team outlines the life cycle for protecting your cyber data and how to make sure you’re meeting the goals of your POAM.
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CyberSound ep49

Economic Effects on the Cyber Industry

Today, the economic landscape is directly impacting the cybersecurity industry, which has resulted in unrest. With the current state of the job and stock markets, it is crucial to be aware of these challenges to adapt accordingly.
On today’s episode of CyberSound, Jason, Steve, and Matt discuss specific factors contributing to this downturn in the industry and alternative approaches to hiring, such as seeking more diversified candidates to ensure greater success in your organization.
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cybersound ep48

Tangible and Intangible Enterprise Risk

Reducing physical security risk requires great flexibility in meeting the specified needs of clients. This understanding allows experts to analyze the severity of a situation and mitigate it appropriately.
Today, Kenneth Grossberger from Elite Investigations joins the team at CyberSound to discuss ways you can minimize reputational risk, the importance of physical and cybersecurity training, and practices to ensure safe risk management in the workplace.
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CyberSound ep47

The Hacker Personas

The modern-day internet hacker holds a strong illusion to the public eye. These are not random, lone actors— they are usually serious, organized attackers with a profit-based motive. These motives are important to understand for instilling the right cybersecurity defense mechanisms in your organization.
This week, the experts at CyberSound address the common misconception of hackers and reference notable groups in hopes of helping users better understand the true persona of an attacker.
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CyberSound ep46

Revisiting Cybersecurity Fundamentals

Are you a beginner in IT looking for simple steps to be proactive about cybersecurity? Or want a refresher on the basics of preventative maintenance online?
Today, cybersecurity experts Jason, Steve, and Matt revisit best practices discussed in the first-ever CyberSound episode and introduce new concepts, like endpoint detection and response (EDR), to ensure ultimate security.
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CyberSound ep45

The Latest: June 2022 News Segment

Open-source software (OSS) allows web developers to study, modify, and customize software to fit their needs. Historically, many organizations have felt a lack of security in these projects; however, major tech giants like Microsoft and Amazon are making significant investments today. What does this mean for the future of software developers? What is the difference between proprietary and open-source software? And what should you consider when evaluating the needs of your organization?
Today, the experts at CyberSound bring you the latest cybersecurity news, including the changing digital landscape for open-source software on both the developer and user ends.
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CyberSound ep 44

Identity Crisis: The Give and Takes of Identity-Based Authentication

With the rise of remote work and the option to work from anywhere, employees can access company data more easily than before, making identity and access management a critical security issue for businesses to consider.
Today on CyberSound, Jason, Steve, and Matt sit down with identity and access management expert Dylan Marquis to discuss the give and takes of identity-based authentication and why it's essential to keep in mind.
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CyberSound ep43

What Would You Do? The Value of Acting Out an Attack

We all know that practice makes perfect, and the same holds true when it comes to incident response in the case of a cybersecurity attack. Linn discusses the value of acting out an incident— better known as a tabletop exercise, and what is needed to implement these exercises as standard practice for businesses.
On this episode of CyberSound, Jason, Steve, and Matt are joined by Linn Freedman, Chair of the Data Privacy and Cybersecurity Team at Robinson+Cole.
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CyberSound ep 42

Growing Up Online: How Do I Talk to My Child About Cybersecurity?

Today’s kids are inevitably growing up online in the age of virtual learning, iPads, and the internet at our fingertips, and parents need to stay vigilant. Tune in for some tips and insight into navigating cyber-safe practices and conversations with your kids.
On this episode of CyberSound, Jason, Steve, and Matt are joined by Lou Ardolino, Vice President of Client Success at Vancord. They discuss how they approach cybersecurity with their children, highlighting the importance of privacy, screen time, and teaching critical thinking.  
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CyberSound episode 41

Vancord: Securing a More Connected Future

If you haven’t heard the news, Vancord and TBNG are now unified as Vancord—and together, we’re securing a more connected future.
Tune into today's episode of CyberSound with Jason Pufahl and Michael Grande to learn why we're bringing the best and brightest security and engineering professionals together under one roof. As global defenders in a world where good wins, we are excited to step into this next chapter with dedicated team members, loyal customers, colleagues, and listeners like you, who have continuously supported us.
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CyberSound Episode 40

The Latest: May 2022 News Segment

In other news, recent reports highlight challenges with the Common Vulnerability Exposure (CVE) model, especially as more companies switch to cloud computing. What are the challenges? Tune in to stay informed.
This week on CyberSound, Jason, Steve, and Matt give you the latest cybersecurity news, including Elon Musk’s recent purchase of Twitter. With this acquisition comes much speculation on the impending ripple effects.
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The First 48 Hours: How to Know You’ve Been Attacked

When a cyber attack occurs, organizations typically react with panic and confusion about what to do next. Cyber attacks can severely damage a data system, but businesses can be proactive to, not only try to prevent an attack, but know how to immediately respond to a cyber attack.
Join Jason Pufahl, Steve Maresca, and Matt Fusaro on this episode of CyberSound, as they dive into the dos and don'ts of the first 48 hours after a cyber attack.
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CyberSound episode 38

April News Segment

Recently, Google announced their 5.2 billion dollar acquisition of the cyber security firm Mandiant. Also, SISA made news by imposing stricter cyber security requirements that could affect several major industries nationwide.
Join Jason Pufahl, Steve Maresca, and Matt Fusaro on this episode of CyberSound, as they share more on these stories and the rest of April's latest cybersecurity news.
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CyberSound episode 37

The Ins and Outs of Cyber Warfare

As the war continues in Eastern Europe, questions regarding the idea and possibility of cyber warfare have risen to the surface. What is cyber warfare? Or what role will cyberattacks play in the future of how countries approach defending their nation?
Join Jason Pufahl, Steve Maresca, and Matt Fusaro on this episode of CyberSound, as they give a primer on cyber warfare and what it could mean for us in the future.
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What Does Network Segmentation Really Mean?

Network segmentation is a common practice organizations use daily to isolate and track traffic on their computer network. However, network segmentation is often taken for granted in cybersecurity discussions, or some people haven’t explored why it’s important. Network segmentation is a valuable component to any companies cybersecurity policy and procedures, so understanding the basics about what it is is essential.
Join Jason Pufahl, Steve Maresca, and Matt Fusaro on this episode of CyberSound, as they discuss the meaning and purpose of network segmentation. Listen to learn how companies can get the most of out of network segmentation, today.
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CyberSound Episode 35

Secure Access Service Edge

The evolution of cybersecurity correlates to both the security demands of organizations and technological changes in the world. In recent years, the growth of cloud based software and a growing remote workforce, has increased the need for solutions like what Gartner has coined Secure Access Service Edge, or SASE.
Join Jason Pufahl, Steve Maresca, and Matt Fusaro on this episode of CyberSound, as they discuss what is SASE and if it's important for all organizations to consider. Listen to get tips on how companies can ensure they have secure networks, regardless of the location of their staff.
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CyberSound Episode 34

I’m Understaffed – What Do I Do Now?

Cybersecurity is not a luxury service, only for large companies with big budgets. Regardless of the size of a company, security services have become vital to determine the health of an organization’s infrastructure. However, many people still undervalue or don’t understand how to utilize security strategic services.
Join Jason Pufahl, Steve Maresca, and Matt Fusaro on this episode of CyberSound, as they share how both small and large companies can invest in cybersecurity services. Listen to hear why a lack of budget or staff limitations shouldn't stop people from partnering with experts like Vancord.
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CyberSound Episode 33

The Mainframe

Today, cyberattacks happen more frequently and with greater sophistication than ever before. Organizations around the world search for the right tools, policies, and procedures to avoid the consequences of system vulnerabilities and malware.
In this episode of CyberSound, the team discusses recent cyber threats companies are facing, along with helpful commentary on how to defend against them. Join Jason Pufahl, Steve Maresca, and Matt Fusaro, as they report on recent attacks involving the American Red Cross, why people should beware of cybersecurity threats during tax season, and how hackers prey on collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams.
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CyberSound Episode 32

Incident Response and Event Automation

This is a special episode of Cybersound featuring the Founder of security IaaS LimaCharlie, Maxime Lamothe-Brassard. He is a proven computer scientist and information security specialist, formerly with CrowdStrike and Google X’s Chronicle Security.
Join Max, along with Jason Pufahl, Steve Maresca, and Matt Fusaro, as he reviews how automation can significantly help incident responders do their job better across the entire landscape of cybersecurity. Together, they discuss what automation can do for incident response and where the new generation of cybersecurity tools are leading the industry.
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