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How do You Stay Secure & Compliant?

Every day, companies of all industries face complex information security challenges. While some rely on internal IT teams to support data threats and protection, many lack the guidance of a full-time Chief Information Security Officer.



Vancord’s virtual Information Security Office (vISO) service fills that gap for organizations that need strategic guidance, technical advice, policy development, and other critical security support to meet industry compliance requirements.

In this article, we will explore the impact managed security services, like vISO, can have on your organization and how the experts at Vancord are here to support their client’s infrastructure and data security needs for today and tomorrow.

Benefits of Managed Services

Cybersecurity and information technology are significant business functions fundamental to managing and sustaining an operation. Few business leaders are experts in every facet of running a business. To combat this, as well as to save time, money, and improve overall performance, organizations often choose to work with a Managed Service Provider (MSP). By outsourcing specific responsibilities and defined services to a third-party expert, leaders have more time to focus on their core work.

An IT MSP will handle the time-consuming and complex work involved with creating secure infrastructure and cybersecurity procedures. From addressing network vulnerabilities to ensuring technology and programs are up to date, working with an MSP can ensure your operation is as efficient, protected, and productive as possible.

Vancord’s Security-Led MSP Approach

Most MSPs use templated solutions that may not be suited for every type of business or industry. Vancord’s experienced team of IT engineers architect, implement and manage solutions that are customized to their client’s individual needs. Taking a security-led approach to their managed IT services, Vancord’s service offerings are designed to optimize performance while keeping in mind business continuity and growth.

By having dedicated support technicians who work non-stop to monitor, respond, and proactively resolve critical network incidents, Vancord’s clients feel confident that their security is top of mind. While there are varying tier levels of support, companies that choose Vancord as their MSP for managed IT services can expect:

  • Normal & After Business Hour Support 
  • Critical incident response and remediation
  • Self-Healing & Automation
  • Infrastructure Management & Patching
  • Proactive Response
  • Critical Infrastructure Remote Monitoring 
  • Anti-Virus & Backup Management
  • Operating System Critical & Security Updates
  • & Much More!

What is a vISO?

One of the many ways an MSP can support a business is through a virtual Information Security Office or vISO. These third-party security teams offer insight and support to organizations that do not have an internal Chief Information Security Officer or related staff. 

A vISO enables a business to develop a strategy and execute improvements, aligning security to organizational goals and objectives. By providing strategic guidance, technical advice, policy development, security consulting, and more, a vISO can help implement compliance standards necessary to meet industry requirements.

How an organization utilizes its vISO may vary depending on its internal structure, security needs, service type, and specific government or industry requirements. However, a vISO will work with existing management and technical teams to identify areas of improvement and implement effective change, keeping valuable information protected and secured. 

Who should have a vISO?

It is quite common for mid-sized or enterprise organizations to have internal IT personnel that manage most of their security and technology needs. However, many firms at that level cannot support executive roles like Chief Information Officers (CIO) or Chief Compliance Officers (CCO), that can educate and influence senior leaders on high-level security needs. Organizations that fall into this category would significantly benefit from incorporating a vISO into their structure. 

Additionally, companies in any industry that have a focus on compliance requirements or need to demonstrate security efforts to protect sensitive data would experience tremendous value by integrating a vISO. This is especially true for businesses located within the finance, healthcare, insurance, or education sectors.

Benefits of a vISO with Vancord

Vancord’s vISO service is designed with security in mind to be flexible, with strategies and deliverables that evolve and change as the organization does. Organizations looking to develop a vISO with Vancord can expect:

  • A dedicated individual to serve as the primary resource for security leadership, program development, and guidance
  • Access to Vancord’s collective expertise, including both executive leadership and engineering subject matter experts 
  • Robust onboarding and organizational review
  • Defined security plans and documentation
  • A streamlined method to implement improvements within a limited budget
  • Customized information security program(s)
  • Creating or reviewing policy and contracts
  • Incident response planning and policy development
  • And more!

Build and maintain a sound infrastructure today. Let our IT experts help you navigate the process and provide guidance, oversight, and peace of mind that your systems are safe and secure. Contact us today!

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