Sometimes, criminals win a battle. But we won’t let them win the war. Our Incident Response service enables your organization to respond and recover quickly. The result? Less downtime, data, and money lost. 

Organizations can lose thousands to even millions of dollars to an unforeseen data breach. While you’re left unaware, a hacker is siphoning off sensitive data, stealing intellectual property, and expanding their foothold in your network, so they can hold you hostage. Data breaches that aren’t dealt with quickly can severely harm your reputation. Worst case scenario? They can end your enterprise.

But We Won't Let That End Your Business.

With Vancord’s Incident Response service, we’ll manage all security incident response activities, analyzing and assessing core infrastructure components critical for a successful recovery from a cyberattack or data breach. Vancord’s rapid response team will take quick, corrective actions. We’ll protect and secure vital assets while minimizing any impacts on your company and reducing recovery time.

Lessening Response Times and Negative Impacts

It takes the average company 100 days to identify and respond to a security incident. A quick, forceful response can drastically minimize costs and reduce potential damage to your company’s reputation.

Vancord’s Incident Response service leverages tools, software and more importantly the experience and expertise of the team to respond to threats and mitigate security breaches. We’ll engage quickly and work to reduce disruptions in service.

Our expert security engineers have a broad, deep understanding of current and evolving threats, and they know how to respond rapidly to changes in hacking techniques. We combine our investigative prowess, and remediation knowledge and experience, with first-rate threat intelligence reporting and technology, to effectively manage a crisis through five step process.


Life's Better In Our Bubble

Our Process

  1. Investigation:
    Determine the scope, timeline, and impact of the attack
  2. Containment:
    Prioritize the response and plan removal
  3. Eradication:
    Take necessary steps to remove the threat
  4. Recovery:
    Advise or assist an organization's return to normal business operations
  5. After-Action Review:
    Review cause and impact of the incident and discuss security improvements

What You Get

  • Immediate IT staff augmentation with skilled forensic experts
  • Proven experience and expert response to security incidents
  • A trusted partner for security assessment and mitigation
  • The ability to meet compliance requirements
  • Protection of your organization’s reputation and data
  • An effective way to coordinate customer communication and recovery efforts
  • Reduction in recovery times and associated costs
  • Security guidance to help avoid similar incidents in the future
  • Detailed documentation

What We Deliver

  • Incident reports, including event timeline and root-cause analysis
  • Actionable recommendations to improve customer defenses
  • Guidance for interactions with customers, employees, credit agencies, and law enforcement

What Our Clients Are Saying

Daniel Saroff
CPCS Public Counselors of Massachusetts

"You want Vancord in the fox hole with you if you ever have a breach or other security incident. Vancord’s support and availability throughout the entire response were phenomenal and its follow-up activities to ensure we were incident resilient going forward allows me to sleep well at night."

Dave Baird
CIO - Wesleyan University

"Vancord understands the unique aspects of a higher-education institution, which made them a perfect partner for us."

Joe Bazeley
CISO – Wesleyan University & Trinity College

"Vancord helped us uncover vulnerabilities in our system, protecting us from a breach that could have been very damaging to our institution."

Ken Quigley
President - Curry College

"Vancord exhibited outstanding professionalism and commitment throughout the project, keeping us secure during this crucial time for connectivity."