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Refer a Customer to Vancord

Refer a customer to us and get rewarded. We’re absolutely positive that your referral will appreciate our level of expertise and customer care should they become one of our valued customers.

Thank you for taking the time to refer a potential customer to us.

To show our thanks to any of our customers that refers another business to us, we are offering complimentary access to either one of the following popular services:

Option 1: Six months of Dark Web Monitoring

The term Dark Web describes all Internet content that is unreachable, concealed, or hidden from direct access by isolation within private communities dedicated to illicit or illegal activity. Exchange and sale of usernames, passwords, and identity information frequently occur within dark web forums.”

Vancord will monitor the dark web for disclosure of sensitive information, and user names and passwords for one domain for the next six months. This information provides actionable information to protect accounts from misuse and reduce reputational impact due to identity theft.

In addition to this, you will also gain:

  • Improved compliance with data protection regulations
  • Protection of sensitive information and maintenance of customer trust
  • A report that identifies past victims of phishing that should trigger account password changes and drive conversations toward heightened security awareness

Option 2: Ransomware Assessment

Vancord’s popular Ransomware Assessment is aligned to NISTIR 8374, which enables companies to identify, assess, and manage their cybersecurity risks, providing a clear roadmap to material programmatic improvements. Vancord will guide you through an interview with IT leadership and key technical staff assigned security responsibilities. Emphasis will be placed on security controls, processes, and policies to help minimize negative outcomes if a ransomware attack occurs. Close examination of these security fundamentals will help your organization:

  • Reduce potential exposure to incidents
  • Protect and secure vital assets
  • Reduce recovery time if danger strikes
  • Educate on security-focused organizational best practices

As an outcome, you will receive a Ransomware Assessment Report that outlines strengths, areas in need of improvement, and actionable recommendations. This report can be used to feed into the development of a realistic tabletop exercise for your company.