The world of data privacy and security continues to evolve. Unfortunately, hackers and cybercrime techniques continue to evolve right along with it. For organizations operating in the digital age, having well trained, supported, and educated staff is a powerful tool in your arsenal against cybercrime.

At Vancord, we offer comprehensive Security Awareness and Education solutions tailored to your business. Our training will reduce your company’s exposure to risk and empower your team with the knowledge they need to protect the organization against security threats.

We’ll Deliver Solutions that Fit Your Requirements

  • Video-based staff training, with attestation, for all employees
  • Customized video-based staff training and education workshops designed with your organization and industry in mind
  • Customized in-person staff training and education workshops designed with your organization and industry in mind. These sessions are designed to ensure relevance in and out of the workplace.
  • Email phishing testing and reporting
  • Periodic employee readiness assessments

You’ll Get

  • Demonstrable efforts to meet compliance and auditing obligations
  • Measurable risk at an individual level as well as across organizational demographics
  • Staff with improved knowledge around security risks and responsibilities

Don’t be a Victim. Be Incident Ready™.

Leveling up your team’s cybersecurity skills is a critical way to stay two steps ahead of the hackers.

Research has found that 93% of successful breaches start with an attack against an organization’s employees and our experiences working with customers during incident response backs that data up. We’re here to reduce the likelihood of that happening to your company through one Incident Ready™ strategy — Security Awareness Training and Education.

The Evolution of Ransomware and Phishing Attacks

Social engineering is one of the most effective tools attackers have and hackers have gotten more sophisticated with how they deploy ransomware and phishing attacks. Through the power of social engineering, cybercriminals will target, or spear phish, a specific individual in an organization hoping to collect credentials or install malicious software. That person often has a high level of authority in the company and can wire funds or access sensitive information.

Once hackers trick an employee and gain access to the network, they’ll hold the network hostage and extort the company for money. Security Awareness and Education can give your staff the knowledge they need to protect against these threats.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Daniel Saroff
CPCS Public Counselors of Massachusetts

"You want Vancord in the fox hole with you if you ever have a breach or other security incident. Vancord’s support and availability throughout the entire response were phenomenal and its follow-up activities to ensure we were incident resilient going forward allows me to sleep well at night."

Dave Baird
CIO - Wesleyan University

"Vancord understands the unique aspects of a higher-education institution, which made them a perfect partner for us."

Joe Bazeley
CISO – Wesleyan University & Trinity College

"Vancord helped us uncover vulnerabilities in our system, protecting us from a breach that could have been very damaging to our institution."

Ken Quigley
President - Curry College

"Vancord exhibited outstanding professionalism and commitment throughout the project, keeping us secure during this crucial time for connectivity."