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Top 3 Cybersecurity Preparedness and Response Tips for Your Business

Cybersecurity isn’t something that only Fortune 500 companies and government organizations should be concerned about. Businesses of any size, and in all industries, must make cybersecurity preparedness and response planning a top priority.


Without proper planning and preparation a company can lose access to its network, data can be stolen, and its reputation tarnished. Not only that, but a severe hacker attack can even end a company outright.

Below are the top three cybersecurity and preparedness response tips you’ll want to consider implementing for your business.

Employee Education

92% of malware is delivered via email.

Unfortunately, your employees may be the weakest link in your organization’s cybersecurity chain. Many employees don’t know how to recognize malicious email links and attachments. They may not understand the importance of timely patching or password protection best practices. When employees don’t know what they don’t know, they can’t try to change their behavior.

Ongoing education and training are critical for providing employees with the knowledge to identify and protect against potential threats. Knowing password protection strategies and the importance of patching, through software updates, is crucial for employee education and, ultimately, protecting your business from attacks.

Practice Drills

Fire departments practice their skills and strategies with controlled burns. Schools practice safety measures and protocols with drills.

By assuming the role of a hacker, a cybersecurity company can help your business assess threats and potential gaps in protection. These simulated cyber attacks serve as practice drills to give you insight on where your business is most vulnerable. As a result, you can determine where to prioritize your cybersecurity budget.

Offsite Backup

Data backup is vital for business continuity and protection against cybercriminals. While many companies understand the importance of storing data backups, many will do so on-site.

Storing backup files in an offsite network or cloud storage can give you an added layer of protection. In case of an attack, your business can continue operating and limit losses by accessing these protected backups.

Cybersecurity Preparedness and Response: The Bottom Line

It’s impossible to eliminate the chances of your company experiencing a cyberattack entirely. Cyberattacks on businesses are incredibly common, with hacking incidents occurring every 39 seconds on average. However, implementing these cybersecurity and preparedness response tips will help minimize any damage that could happen in the event of a breach.

When it comes to cybersecurity for today’s organizations, the rule of thumb is Semper Paratus —always be prepared for a potential data breach or hack. Cybercriminals create and deploy increasingly sophisticated techniques for stealing a company’s data and holding networks hostage. Through preparedness and response strategies, your business will be protected against security breaches and get up and running more quickly, if hackers target your organization.

At Vancord, we’ve made it our life’s work to help companies become fully protected and prepared to do business in the digital age. There is no cookie cutter solution for cybersecurity strategies. Contact us today to talk about your company’s unique cybersecurity needs.

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